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"I Will Pour Out My Spirit on Every Sort of Flesh"- Daily Text Commentary From

Saturday, June 11

You will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you, and you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.Acts 1:8.
The unseen power of the Kingdom message to change people has particularly been evident in countries where the Kingdom work is legally restricted. It is hard to know how far the message has reached in such countries, and we are often surprised by the results. Take Cuba, for example. The Kingdom message reached there in 1910, and Brother Russell visited Cuba in 1913. However, the progress was slow at first. What do we now see in Cuba? In 2013, there were over 96,000 publishers preaching the good news, and 229,726 attended the Memorial—that is 1 out of every 48 inhabitants of that island nation. Even in countries that are not under ban, the Kingdom message may have reached into areas where local Witnesses think that little witnessing can be done.


Jesus began training his followers to become preachers almost as soon as he embarked upon his own preaching campaign. First he sent out the twelve and gave them power to heal and to expel the demons. And right after that he designated seventy others and sent them out by twos to go to every city and village in all of Israel —announcing that the Kingdom of God had drawn near.
Although the disciples whom Jesus sent out were surely fired with the spirit of Jehovah, they did not then have a thorough understanding of the message with which they had been entrusted. That became painfully evident when Peter tried to dissuade Jesus from his sacrificial course, which resulted in the Lord turning his back to Peter and rebuking him as if he were the very mouthpiece of Satan, which he momentarily was in his ignorance.
The disciples just couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together. On the one hand Jesus sent them out as Kingdom proclaimers. Yet, privately he told them that he was going to be handed over to the older men and they were going to kill him. It just didn’t make any sense to them. How could the Kingdom be near at hand if the one whom they accepted as the Messiah was going to be killed? And even though they ultimately witnessed Christ resurrecting several individuals, such as the daughter of the presiding officer of a local synagogue and the widow’s only begotten son, as well as their friend, Lazarus, they couldn’t grasp that Jesus was going to be killed and resurrected. Even after his resurrection, up to the very moment Christ was levitated off the earth and ascended back to Heaven, the last question the apostles put to Jesus was, ‘Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?’ It was not until anointing spirit came upon them on Pentecost that their minds were fully opened to perceive the truth.
Bible Student on motorbike preaching the good newsJehovah’s Witnesses are in a similar position as the twelve and the seventy. From the very beginning of the Watchtower Society the emphasis has always been on preaching the Kingdom. Originally the Watchtower trained and sent out what were called colporteurs —the forerunner of pioneers today. Although banned in many countries modern Kingdom proclaimers have published the message around the globe in hundreds of languages. And remarkably, the message has been the same as that preached by the seventy: ‘The Kingdom of the Heavens has drawn near!’
Like the original disciples, though, the Bible Students and their successors, Jehovah’s Witnesses, have imagined that the Kingdom is going to instantly display itself. Actually, it is believed that the Kingdom has already come —that it has been ruling now for over a century!
It is simply beyond the grasp of Jehovah’s Witnesses presently to comprehend that the Kingdom did not begin ruling the world in 1914. Of course, the Watchtower continually reenforces the 1914 delusion by presenting the success of the worldwide preaching work as being attributable to the Kingdom having come to power.


But after the Pentecost outpouring the first century disciples also accomplished a great preaching campaign, did they not? Paul even stated that the good news had been preached in all the earth. And yet to whatever extent the word was actually preached and however many persons actually became believers back then, it all took place without Jesus having to assume the rulership of the world. And what is most remarkable, they accomplished it without any modern technology whatsoever! So, why ought Jehovah’s Witnesses assume that Christ cannot similarly direct a preaching campaign today prior to his becoming king of the world?
What is not understood or even understandable presently, is that there is to be a second Pentecost —an ultimate outpouring of God’s indomitable holy spirit. That is not to imply that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have the spirit in some measure or that some persons have not been anointed with holy spirit. Did not the seventy have God’s spirit upon them to cast out demons and cure the sick? Of course they did. But they did not have the full measure of it, which did not become available to them until after Jesus returned to the Father, as the context of the text today relates.
The prophecy of Joel is a window to the future – the immediate future! I suggest that you read the short Hebrew book. Think about it. Meditate upon it. Doing so, you will surely realize that Jehovah’s Witnesses have no understanding of its contents. Far from symbolizing Jehovah’s Witnesses, the locusts, caterpillar Mushroom cloud and the day of Jehovahand cockroach invasion represents the destructive army Jehovah will acquisition to wreck the world and bring the Watchtower’s preaching and disciple-making work to a sudden and jarring halt. It will serve as the precursor to the day of Jehovah and a shocking wake-up call to the spiritual drunkards.
In the aftermath of that unprecedented calamity and call to repentance, Joel 2:28-31 states: “After that I will pour out my spirit on every sort of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. And even on my male slaves and female slaves I will pour out my spirit in those days. And I will give wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awe-inspiring day of Jehovah.”
(If you are feeling a bit mischievous, why not ask your local elders to explain why God apparently invites the embattled clergy to appeal to him for protection from his locust, as is implied by the Watchtower’s inchoate, yet long-held explanation of the prophecy of Joel. And if you are especially peevish request an elder to explain to you why God responds to the pleas of the clergy and destroys the “northerner,” driving the pests into the sea. Although they will not be able to provide an answer you might incite them to start thinking, which is no small feat.)
What is the setting and timeframe for this phenomenon? “After that” is in reference to the calamity wrought by the pestiferous invasion of the insect army of devourers, which in verse 20 Jehovah refers to collectively as “the northerner” —putting us in mind of the king of the north and the hordes in company with Gog and Magog from the “remotest parts of the north.”
Christ himself foretold such heavenly phenomena as the sun turning dark and the moon becoming as blood. Blood and fire and columns of smoke seems to be describing nuclear war. In that dark and desperate time Christ will step onto the world stage and revive God’s people with the spirit in such measure as has never been experienced by any people before. They will have a final witness to give to the world then. 
Commentary by yours truly:
Something to ponder for Jehovah's Witnesses: Remember the "preaching of judgement" mentioned in one of the videos shown at this year's regional convention? (if you have already attended) Well I hate to disappoint or even shock you but the Governing Body simply COPIED that new light from whose author is someone whom they consider as an apostate. And worse, it is not even the first time that they did it. Several other so called new light of theirs also came from the same person. See for yourself.

What does that tell you?

Maybe we should more carefully consider the Bible's command to "make sure of all things" and "test the inspired statements" to see whether they originate with God or from someone else... like Satan the Devil whom according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 actually has a great influence over God's own people, inserting his "man of lawlessness" to sit down on God's very own temple promoting "the lie" that Jesus has returned and accompanying it  "with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders" and yes God allows this so called "deluding influence" to mislead his own people to test whether their love for the truth is genuine or if they are simply followers of men. Read the said verses with an open mind and never underestimate Satan's capabilities. Our thinking that the Organization, which considers itself as Jehovah's mouthpiece on earth could be out of Satan's reach or infallible might just be the cause of the biggest stumbling block we could ever encounter.

"However, brothers, concerning the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be alarmed either by an inspired statement or by a spoken message or by a letter appearing to be from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here.

Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. He stands in opposition and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he sits down in the temple of God, publicly showing himself to be a god. Do you not remember that when I was still with you, I used to tell you these things?

And now you know what is acting as a restraint, so that he will be revealed in his own due time. True, the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work, but only until the one who is right now acting as a restraint is out of the way. Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence. But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved.

That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness."

-2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

As the saying goes, history has a habit of repeating itself. 1975 could simply be 2016, only much much worse. The Organization is not only imperfect but it also is under the influence of the Devil himself which clearly explains why it has been continuously changing its teachings and covering up thousands of child abuse cases in the expense of Jehovah's poor sheep and His name most especially, among others. What the near future holds will very much be proof to that statement. You would be aware of that if you at least even bother reading the current headlines which the Governing Body cannot even give an explanation about.

We are heavily blinded if we expect Jehovah to be content with our unquestionable obedience to an organization ran by imperfect men and whose president is not even a member of the anointed class or someone with a heavenly hope (Don Alden Adams). The Bible never told us to trust in men, in fact many times it has warned us to not put our faith in them- Jeremiah 17:5 Please do not let the Society fool you by making you believe that doubting it or it's teachings is the same as doubting God or being disloyal to Him. There are numerous proof around you, do not set aside the ability to think that Jehovah God has given us even if an organization claiming to operate under His name tells us to do so.

There is a great great stumbling block waiting ahead of us and things in the world can get really bad real fast. If you ever stumble upon this post please give this a thought accompanied with prayers to Jehovah that He may lead you to find the TRUTH no matter how DISTURBING it is.

Let the truth set you FREE. -John 8:32

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Mga Bagay na Dapat Ninyong Malaman Tungkol sa Blog na Ito, Mga Pangkaraniwang Katanungan, at Mensahe para sa Mambabasa

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Sa totoo lang, hindi ko binalak na gawin ang blog na ito. Tutal, sino ba ang gugustuhing maipaskil ang kanilang pagmumukha sa buong internet para lamang maging tudlaan ng panlilibak? Siguro isang tao na wala sa kaniyang tamang pag-iisip ang papayag sa ganoon- sa kasawiang palad, ako iyon. Isang tao na kinilala ko bilang isang kaibigan at tagapag-turo ang naniniwala na mayroon akong maiaambag sa aking mga kapwa mananamba ni Jehova sa pamamagitan ng paglantad sa publiko at pagbabahagi ng aking istorya at paniniwala sa Diyos sa kabila ng lahat.

Ilang panahon rin ang lumipas bago ako nakaipon ng lakas upang makapagsabi ng “oo” at subukan itong gawin. Malamang, kalooban na rin ni Jehova na gawin ko iyon. Tutal, lagi naman akong nagpapahayag ng aking kagustuhan na maging makabuluhan sa paningin ng Diyos at na makapagdulot ng pagbabago sa buhay ng iba.

Ayoko kayong dismayahin, subalit hindi ako isa sa mga pinahiran o may makalangit na pag-asa, (gaya nga ng inaangkin ng karamihan ng mga awtor ng mga website/blog tungkol sa mga Saksi) hindi rin naman ako propetisa o isang tagapagpakahulugan ng mga hula sa Bibliya. Ako ay isang taimtim na lingkod ni Jehova na hindi nagbago sa kabila ng napakalupit na naging pagtrato sa akin at sa aking pamilya ng mga lalaking nasa awtoridad sa loob ng organisasyon ng mga Saksi ni Jehova.

Ang pangunahing layunin ng blog na ito ay ibahagi ang website na isang website na nag-aalok ng makakabuluhan at komprehensibong mga paliwanag mula sa Bibliya at ng natatanging mga pakahulugan ng mga hula sa Bibliya na sana ay malaman ng marami sa mga Saksi ni Jehova bago dumating ang wakas at maganap ang malawakang pagkatisod. Isa rin itong website na napatunayan nang nakatutulong para sa maraming natisod at nasiraan na ng loob na mga Saksi upang magkaroon ng pag-asa at manatiling tapat sa Diyos.

Bukod diyan, ang blog na ito ay naglalaman rin ng mga susing artikulo mula sa nabanggit na website na isinalin sa aking lokal na wikang “Tagalog”. Kamakailan ay nalaman ko na ang aming bansa ay pang-7 sa buong mundo pagdating sa bilang ng mga Saksi. Sa kasalukuyan, mayroong 100, 000, 000 mga Pilipino at halos 200,000 sa kanila ay mga Saksi ni Jehova at tiyak naman na ang ilan sa kanila ay mayroon nang mga pag-aalinlangan may kinalaman sa mga turo at patakaran ng Watchtower, ang iba tulad ko ay maaring walang pusong itinulak palabas ng kongregasyon at inabuso ng mga elder o ng iba pang mga nangungunang mga lalaki sa organisasyon o ang iba pa ay maaring nasiraan ng loob dahil sa marami pang ibang mga kadahilanan at maaring mapadpad sila sa blog na ito na sana nawa ay makatulong sa kanila upang mahanap ang mga kasagutan na kanilang hinahanap o sana man lang ay mabigyan sila ng kahit kaunting pag-asa sa pagkakaalam na itutuwid ng Diyos ang mga bagay-bagay at makapaglaan ng pampatibay upang tulungan silang magpatuloy sa paglilingkuran kay Jehova.

Gaya nga ng sinabi ko, wala akong gaanong maiaalok. Hindi ako higit na espesyal kaysa sa sinuman sa inyo. Hindi ko kabisado ang Bibliya mula una hanggang huling pahina at hindi rin ako isang tagapagpakahulugan ng mga hula sa Bibliya. Kung iyon ang kailangan ninyo, mayroong hiwalay na website para doon na binanggit ko sa itaas. Ang masisiguro ko lang sa inyo ay na gagawin ko ang aking buong makakaya na maglaan ng panahon upang ibahagi sa inyo ang anumang aking natutuhan mula sa Bibliya, anumang impormasyon na aking nakuha at mga karanasang aking napagdaanan na nainiwala akong makakatulong upang mapatibay kayo, maliwanagan kayo, bigyan kayo ng pag-asa at na kahit na papaano ay mapatibay ang inyong pananampalataya sa Diyos.

Paniniwala ko na maaring gamitin ni Jehova ang kahit na sino. Hindi mo kailangan ng alinman sa mga kredensyal na nabanggit upang may maisagawang makabuluhan. Kung mayroon tayong espiritu ni Jehova, magagawa natin ang kahit na ano. Hindi na mahalaga kung ano ang nakaraan, pinaga-aralan o kuwalipikasyon ng isang tao. Lahat tayo ay mga tao lamang rito subalit kung kalooban ito ni Jehova, maari niyang bigyan ang kahit na sino ng anumang kinakailangan upang maisagawa nang matagumpay ang anumang bagay na nais niyang maisagawa.

Ako ay umaasa na sa tulong ng Diyos na Jehova, ang presensiya ng aking munting blog sa internet ay makapagdudulot ng pagbabago sa buhay ng kahit na iilan lamang na mga Saksi.

Pangkaraniwang mga Katanungan

Hinihilingan mo ba ang iyong mga mambabasa na ilagay ang kanilang pagtitiwala sa tao? Hindi ba binababalaan tayo ng Bibliya na huwag ilagak ang ating pagtitiwala sa “makalupang tao?” (Awit 146:3. Jeremias 17:5)

Hindi. Hindi ko kayo hinihilingan na ilagak ang inyong tiwala sa tao ni hinihilingan ko man kayo na basta nalamang tanggapin ang lahat ng mga bagay na nakasaad sa website na iyon ( o ang bawat kasabihan ng awtor niyaon bilang katotohanan, yamang hindi naman tayo dapat na maging lubhang walang kamalayaan anupat ipinagpapalagay na ang isang tao ay maaring maging sakdal at hindi magkamali (sa buong kasaysayan, si Jesus pa lamang ang nakagawa niyaon). Sa halip, dapat nga nating “laging” ikapit ang iniutos ng Bibliya na gawin natin at tularan ang magandang halimbawa ng mga taga-Berea at “tiyakin ang lahat ng mga bagay” at “subukin ang mga kinasihang kapahayagan upang makita kung ang mga ito ay nagmumula sa Diyos.” – 1 Tesalonica 5:21. 1 Juan 4:1

Ang aking layunin ay akayin ang mga mambabasa ng blog na ito sa isang website na personal akong naniniwala na magiging kapaki-pakinabang para sa lahat ng mga Saksi ni Jehova at tutulong sa kanila upang magkaroon ng kabatiran tungkol sa mga malapit nang maganap sa daigdig at sa Organisasyon mismo at maaring mapatunayan bilang nagliligtas buhay na impormasyon. Responsibilidad na ng bawat indibidwal na subukin ang mga kapahayagang iyon at ikumpara sa Bibliya at magpasiya kung paniniwalaan ba ito o hindi. Magiging isang pagkakamali sa aking bahagi na garantiyahan ang bawat komento o kasabihan ng awtor niyaon bilang katotohanan.

Papayuhan mo ba ang iba na may katulad na karanasan ng sa iyo o yaong mga nakaaalam na ng mga kamalian ng mga paliwanang ng Watchtower tungkol sa mga hula at sa kanilang mga kamalian sa pagpapasiya na umalis at iwanan na ang kongregasyon? Saan kaya sila dapat pumunta?

Hindi, ang pag-alis sa kongregasyon at pagliban sa mga pagpupulong ay hindi isang bagay na maipapayo ko. Aking pinahahalagahan at kinikilala ang naging papel ng Samahan upang turuan tayo ng saligang mga katotohanan sa Bibliya at sa pagtuturo sa atin tungkol sa Diyos at sa kaniyang mga kahilingan. At kahit na ako ay malinaw na sumasangayon sa awtor ng website na e-watchman na ang Samahan ay nakagawa ng maraming mga pagkakamali may kinalaman sa kanilang pagpapakahulugan sa mga hula, pangunahin na tungkol sa 1914 at iba pa nilang mga pagpapasiya at mga patakaran, naniniwala rin ako na ang organisasyon ay may malaking papael na ginagampanan sa pagtulong sa mga Kristiyano upang makapagpanatili ng malinis na katayuan sa harap ng Diyos.

Ang lubusang pag-abandona sa mga pagpupulong ay maaring magpahina sa atin sa espirituwal anupat tayo ay maaring makagawa ng maling mga pagpapasiya at mga malulubhang kasalanan. Magiging labag din ito sa utos ng Bibliya na “hindi pinababayaan ang ating pagtitipon… kundi nagpapatibayang loob sa isa’t-isa.” (Hebreo 10:25) Para sa akin, ang pinakamainam na paraan na tayo ay makapagpapatuloy pasulong kahit na sa kabila ng pagkakaalam tungkol sa mga kamalian ng Watchtower ay sa pamamagitan ng pagsasanay sa ating mga sarili na makilala ang tama sa mali. Maari tayong umupo at makining sa mga pagpupulong, makipagsamahan sa ating mga kapatid, mangaral ng mabuting balita- ang lahat ng ito habang tinatanggap natin kung ano ang mainam at tinatanggihan kung ano ang mali (mga maling turo). Mayroong takdang panahon upang umalis subalit hindi pa ngayon ang panahong iyon.

Ngunit siyempre, gaya nga ng kilalang kasabihan: “Sa bawat alintuntunin ay mayroong iksempsyon.” Mayroong iba na mayroong mga hindi pangkaraniwang kalagayan tulad ko, kung saan ang regular na pagdalo sa mga pagpupulong ay hindi na posible. Sa gayong mga kaso na kung saan ang Diyos lamang ang maaring humusga, ang pinakamainam na maari nating gawin ay gamitin ang anumang mayroon tayo upang mapatibay ang ating kaugnayan sa Diyos. Nasa atin naman ang Bibliya, at tiyak naman na hindi pa natin ito kabisado at para doon sa mga kabisado na ito, tiyak namang marami pa rin tayong matututunan mula sa paulit-ulit na pagbabasa nito. Maari tayong manalangin anumang oras, mas maigi kung magagawa natin ito sa bawat pagkakataon na mayroon tayo. Maari tayong maglaan ng oras sa pagbubulay-bulay sa mga katangian ng Diyos, pag-isipan ang mga halimbawang iniwan sa atin ng mga tauhan sa Bibliya at maari at dapat pa rin nating ipangaral ang mabuting balita sa iba, sa bawat pagkakataon na magagawa natin ito. Marami tayong mga kapatid na matapat na nalagpasan ang maraming taon ng pagkakakulong at pagkabilanggo. Kung nagawa silang alalayan at palakasin ng Diyos sa mahihirap na mga panahong iyon, kung talagang wala na tayong mapupuntahan, walang alinlangan na tutulungan rin tayo ng Diyos na Jehova upang matapat na malampasan ang ating mahihirap na kalagayan. Para sa Kaniya ay walang anumang imposible.

(Para sa higit na magandang paliwanag ukol dito, pakinggan ang podcast#1 mula sa

Ano ang kasalukuyan mong katayuan sa kongregasyon, ikaw ba ay itiniwalag?

Hindi. Sa aking pagkakaalam ay hindi ako itiniwalag. Umalis ako at ang aking asawa sa kongregasyon 3 ½ taon na ang nakalipas. Nasa mabuting katayuan ako noon isang buwan lamang bago kami umalis, sa katunayan nga ay katatapos ko lang gampanan ang aking unang bahagi sa Paaralang Teokratiko sa kongregasyong iyon at naipahayag ko na rin sa mga elder ang aking pagnanais na bumalik sa pagpapayunir sa susunod sanang buwan (Enero 2013). Subalit noong mga huling pagpupulong na aming dinaluhan matapos kong harapin ang mga elder dahil sa kanilang pagsisinungaling at pangbablackmail sa aking asawa upang ilaglag ang child abuse na kasong isinampa ko laban sa mga elder sa una kong kongregasyon, naging malinaw na hindi na ako maari pang magkomento sa mga pulong at malaking bilang na rin ng mga kapatid ang nagsimulang umiwas sa akin at maging sa maliit naming anak. Subalit para lamang maging malinaw, wala akong kabatiran tungkol sa anumang disiplinang ipinataw laban sa akin. Kung mabasa man ng mga elder ang blog na ito ay maaring magbago ang isip nila. Kung sakali man ay tiyak na ipaaalam ko ito sa inyo.

“Ginagawa mo lamang ito para sa iyong sariling kaluwalhatian!”

Isa ito sa pinaka nakakagulat na akusasyon na natanggap ko hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Nakagugulat ito dahil sa simpleng kadahilanan na maliwanang namang hindi iyon totoo. Unang una sa lahat uulitin ko at lilinawin ko na hindi ko kailanman nilayon na gawin ang blog na ito o ilantad ang aking sarili sa harap ng madla- lalu na dahil ako ay mayroong PTSD (isang uri ng mental na karamdaman dulot ng isang lubhang nakatatakot na pangyayari) at walang ibang nais kundi magtago sa mundo nang may kapayapaan ng isip. Labag sa payo ng aking mga abugado, ginawa ko pa rin ito dahil naniniwala ako na itong lahat ay para kay Jehova, upang maisagawa ang layunin Niya na maipaabot sa kaniyang mga lingkod ang katotohanan lalu na sa mga kababayan ko, upang mabigyan ng kaginhawahan ang lahat ng iba pang mga nagdurusa sa loob ng mga kongregasyon, na kahit na papaano sana ay magkaroon sila ng kabatiran tungkol sa maramihang pagkatisod na nakatakdang maganap sa malapit na hinaharap. Kung sarili kong kaluwalhatian at katanyagan ang nais ko, nakuha ko na sana iyon sa maraming higit na madaling mga paraan- sa katunayan ay nakamtan ko na ito subalit iniwan ko ang buhay ng Fashion at katanyagan sapagkat hindi ako nakasumpong ng kaluguran rito. Alam ni Jehova kung makailang ulit kong sinakripisyo at isinaisantabi ang aking sariling mga kagustuhan pati na rin ang aking pag-aaral at ang maraming mga oportunidad sa trabaho upang magawa ang kaniyang kalooban dahil sa iyon ang higit na nagbibigay sa akin ng kaluguran.

Alam ni Jehova na dalisay ang aking motibo sa paggawa nito. At para roon sa inyo na nag-iisip ng kabaligtaran nito, malaya kayong subukan para sa inyong mga sarili na gawin ang aking ginagawa at ipaalam ninyo sa akin kung ano ang resulta. Kaluwalhatian ang huling bagay na matatanggap mo sa paggawa ng isang bagay na tulad nito. Tutal sino ba ang magnanais na marining ang mensahe na aking ipinahahayag? Karamihan sa mga Saksi ni Jehova ang itinuturing pa rin ako bilang apostata sa kabila ng tahasan kong pagpapahayag sa pangalan ni Jehova at sa kabilang banda naman ang karamihan sa mga dating mga Saksi ay tinatawag ako bilang miyembro ng “kulto ni King” o anumang tulad niyaon dahil sa pagbabahagi ko ng mga artikulo mula sa Ang buong blog ko ay walang ibang sinabi kung hindi dito at doon. Ni hindi ko maunawaan kung papaanong ang kaluwalhatian ay sa akin kung ang ibinabahagi ko ay pangunahin nang mga gawa ng ibang tao. At kapag ang isang kapatid ay nagpapasalamat sa akin lagi kong sinisiguro na sabihin na “ang papuri ay kay Jehova.”

Wala tayong anumang maitatago sa tumatagos na mga mata ni Jehova na nakakakita ng pinaka kaloob-looban nating mga kaisipan at motibo (-kinuha mula sa artikulong "Ang Araw ni Jehova ay Malapit na") Kung tunay ngang ako ay mayroong maling mga motibo sa paggawa ng bagay na ito, kung gayon ay hayaan nawa akong parusahan ni Jehova ng pinakamalupit na kaparusahan. Ibato na ninyo ang anumang akusasyong nais ninyo subalit tandaan ninyo na kung kayo ay mali, si Jehova mismo ang hahatol at magtutuwid sa inyo.

Sa huli tayo ay makaaasa na ang BUONG KATOTOHANAN ay malalantad. At lahat tayo ay mangangailang humarap sa Diyos na Jehova at magsulit sa kaniya. –Lucas 8:17, Hebreo 4:13

Mensahe para sa Mambabasa

Tunay ngang napakahalaga na magtaglay tayo ng tumpak na kaalaman upang tayo ay maligtas subalit dahil tiyak namang hindi lahat ng mga Saksi ay makakaalam tungkol sa website na iyon o makapakikinabang sa nagliligtas buhay na impormasyong masusumpungan roon, at ang ilan sa inyo ay maaring may mga alinlangan at pagdududa sa pagtanggap ng bagong mga bagay, ang mabuting balita ay: hindi naman iyon lang ang mahalaga.

Kahit na hindi natin kabisado ang bawat sulok ng Bibliya, kung batid natin ang kahit na ang pinaka simple at haliging mga turo mula sa Kasulatan, at kung tayo ay mayroong di-natitinag na pananampalataya kay Jehova at hanggat nananatili tayong malinis sa moral at sa espirituwal na paraan at may mabuting katayuan sa harap Niya, iyon ay sapat na upang tayo ay magkamit ng kaligtasan (siyempre sa pamamagitan pa rin ng di-sana nararapat na kabaitan ng Diyos).

Sa madaling salita, kung mayroon kang Bibliya, may matatag na pananampalataya kay Jehova at nananatiling kalugod-lugod sa kaniyang mga mata, nasa iyo na ang lahat ng kailangan mo.

Sa huli, hindi naman kung ano ang alam natin ang magiging mahalaga, kung hindi kung ano ang ginawa natin.

Maaring alam nga natin ang lahat ng tungkol sa Diyos at ng nasa Bibliya, subalit kung hindi tayo kikilos kasuwato nito, ang ating kaalaman ay walang kabuluhan. Hindi man natin naiintindihan ang lahat ng mga bagay na nangyayari ngayon o mangyayari pa lang sa hinaharap subalit kung ang pag-ibig natin sa Diyos ay tunay, makakaasa tayo sa kaniyang proteksiyon at patnubay kapag tayo ay tumawag sa kaniya sa darating na wakas. –Awit 84:11, 91

Kaya ibigin natin si Jehova ng ating buong puso, gawin natin ang ating buong makakaya upang paluguran siya araw-araw at gawin natin ang tama. Anuman ang pinaniniwalaan natin ay magiging walang saysay. Sa huli, ang lalim ng ating paghahangad na paluguran Siya ang magiging batayan ng ating pagkaligtas.


Noong una akala namin ay hindi na namin kailangan pang alalahanin ang teknikal na aspekto o ang gastusin sa pagbili ng sarili naming domain (website). Subalit nang ang mga bagay-bagay ay hindi naganap ayon sa inaasahan namin, ang aking napakasipag na asawa ay hinayaan ang kaniyang sariling magamit ng Diyos upang tulungan ako sa pagbuo ng munting blog na ito mula sa simula.

Siya ang nagtrabaho sa harap ng computer sa loob ng hindi mabilang na mga oras habang inaayos at pinagaganda ang blog na ito. Kaniyang ginawa ang lahat mula sa disenyo nito hanggang sa paghahanap ng mga pinakabagong mga balita upang maipost sa “news tab” ng blog na ito.

Tunay ngang isang napakabuting regalo ang ipinagkaloob sa akin ng Diyos na Jehova na magkaroon ng isang mainam na asawa na magiging pinakamatalik kong kaibigan at katuwang sa paggawa ng lahat ng mga bagay.

Ang lahat ng kaluwalhatian ay sa Makapangyarihang Diyos na Jehova lamang… Kung wala ang kaniyang tulong ay hindi magiging posible ang anumang bagay. 

Maganap nawa ang kaniyang kalooban.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

What You Need to Know About this Blog, FAQ and Message to the Reader


Honestly, it was never my idea to do this blog. After all, who would want their face plastered in the whole world wide web only to become an object of ridicule? Anyone who is out of their mind I guess- unfortunately that was me. Someone whom I viewed as a friend and a mentor apparently believed that I would be able to contribute something to my fellow worshipers of Jehovah by going out in public and sharing my story and belief in God despite all.

It took quite some time of convincing before I was able to muster up the courage to say “yes” and give it a try. Probably it was Jehovah’s will too that I do. After all I have always been so expressive about my desire to be significant to God and be able to make a difference in the lives of others.

I hate to disappoint you but I’m no member of the anointed class, (like most JW related website/blog authors claim) nor am I a prophetess or a Bible prophecy interpreter. What I am though is a sincere servant of Jehovah who remained the same regardless of how terrible I and my family were treated by many men in authority within the Jehovah's Witness Organization.

The primary goal of this blog is to promote the e-watchman website- a website that offers sensible and comprehensive explanations from the Bible and unique interpretation of Bible prophecies that hopefully many Jehovah’s Witnesses would find out about before the end begins and a mass stumbling occurs. It is also a website that has been proven to help many stumbled and discouraged Witnesses to have hope and remain faithful to God.

Aside from that, this blog also includes key articles from the said website that is translated into my local language “Tagalog.” Recently I found out that our country, the Philippines has ranked 7th in the whole world when it comes to the number of Witnesses. Currently, there are 100,000,000 Filipinos and almost 200,000 of them are Jehovah’s Witnesses and most definitely some of them already have doubts in mind as regards to the Watchtower’s teachings and policies, some like myself may have been heartlessly pushed out and abused by elders or other leading men in the organization or others might have been discouraged for a whole lot of other reasons and may come across this blog that hopefully will help them find the answers they are seeking or at least give them a ray of light in knowing that God will set matters straight and provide some encouragement to help them go on in serving Jehovah.

Like I said, I cannot offer you much. I am no more special than any of you. I do not know the Bible cover to cover nor am I a Bible prophecy interpreter. If that is what you need there is a separate website for that mentioned above. What I can assure you though is that I will do my very best to spend time to share with you whatever I learned from the Bible, whatever information I gained and experiences I acquired that I believe will be able to encourage you, enlighten you, give you hope and somehow strengthen your faith in God. 

It is my conviction that Jehovah can use anybody. You don’t need any of those credentials to accomplish something meaningful. If we have Jehovah’s spirit, we can do anything. It doesn’t really matter the background or qualifications of a person. We are simply all just mere humans here but if it is Jehovah’s will, he can give anyone whatever is needed in order for him to successfully fulfill anything that he wishes to be done.

Hoping that through Jehovah God’s help, my humble little blog’s presence in the web will make a difference in the lives of even just a few Witnesses.


Are you asking your readers to put trust in man? Did not the Bible warn us to not put our trust in “mere humans”? (Psalms 146:3, Jeremiah 17:5)

No I am not asking you to put your trust in man nor am I asking you to simply accept everything that is stated in that website or every utterance of its author as truth, after all we ought not to be so ignorant as to suppose that a human could ever be perfect or infallible (so far in history only Jesus was able to do so) but instead we should always apply what the Bible has commanded us to do and imitate the Beroeans and “make sure of all things” and “test the inspired statements to see whether they originate with God.” -1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1

My aim is to lead the readers of this blog to a website that I personally believe would be beneficial to all Jehovah’s Witnesses and will help them gain insight as to what will soon take place in the world and in the Organization itself which may prove to be life-saving information. It is each individual’s responsibility to test those statements found there against the Bible and decide whether to believe it or not. It would be an error on my part to vouch for each and every comment or utterance of its author.

Would you advise others who may have a similar experience as you or those who are already aware about the errors of the Watchtower's prophecy interpretations and their decisions to leave the congregation? Where would you advise them to go?

No, leaving the congregation and abandoning the meetings is not something I would recommend. I do appreciate and acknowledge the Society’s function to teach us the basic Bible truths and teach us about God and his commandments. Although it is obvious that I agree with the author of the e-watchman website that the Society has made a lot of errors as regards to prophecy interpretation, primarily the 1914 doctrine and several other decisions and policies, I also do believe that the organization has played a vital role in helping Christians achieve and maintain a good standing in front of God.

Totally abandoning meetings might cause us to become spiritually weak, susceptible to making wrong decisions and serious sins and it would also go against the Bible’s counsel to “not forsaking our meeting together…but encouraging one another.” (Hebrews 10:25) I guess the best way we could move forward even after learning the fallacies of the Watchtower is to train ourselves to discern what is right from wrong. We sit there in the meetings, we associate with our brothers, we preach the good news all while we accept what is good and reject the bad (the errors that is taught). There is a right time to leave but that time isn’t now.

But of course like the famous saying goes, “To every rule there is always an exception.” There are others out there, who could have extraordinary circumstances like me for example, for whom attending meetings continuously is no longer possible. In those cases though, which only God can be the judge of, the best thing to do is to use up whatever we have on hand to strengthen our relationship with God. We have the Bible, we surely haven’t memorized it yet and if for some who already have, I bet there are still many things we can learn from reading it over and over again. We can pray anytime, preferably as much as we can. We can spend time meditating on the qualities of our God, ponder on the example that many characters from the Bible have left for us and we can and should still preach the good news to others every opportunity we get. Many brothers and sisters of ours have faithfully survived many years of being imprisoned and detained. If God was able to sustain them during those difficult times, if we really have nowhere else to go, there is no doubt Jehovah God will help us faithfully make it through our difficult situation. To Him nothing is impossible.

(For a better explanation listen to’s podcast #1 discussing the topic:

What is your current standing in the congregation? Are you disfellowshipped?

No, as far as I am concerned I am not disfellowshipped. Me and my husband left the congregation 3 ½ years ago. I was in good standing the month before we left, actually just finished my first Theocratic Ministry assignment that I had in that congregation and have expressed my desire to the elders to go back to pioneering, supposedly the next month (January 2013). During the last meetings though that we attended after I confronted the elders for lying to us and blackmailing my husband to drop the child abuse case I filed against the elders in my mother congregation, it became apparent that I was no longer welcome to comment on meetings and a considerable amount of brothers and sisters started ignoring me, my husband and even our small daughter. But just to make it clear, I was not made aware of any disciplinary actions taken against me. Maybe if they read this blog they might reconsider. If so I’ll be sure to let you know.

“You are doing this for your own glory!”

This is one of the most surprising accusations I have received so far, surprising for the very reason that it is obviously not the case. First let me be redundant by clarifying that I never intended to make this blog nor put myself out there- not when I have PTSD and want nothing but to hide from the world with my peace of mind. Against my lawyers’ advice I did it anyway, believing it was all for Jehovah, to accomplish His will of letting the truth reach his people most especially my countrymen, to give comfort to all others who are suffering inside the congregations, to somehow help them be aware of the mass stumbling that lies ahead. If I wanted self-glory and fame I could have gotten it in many other easier, painless ways- in fact I already have but I left the life of fashion and fame because I never felt fulfillment in it. Jehovah knows how many times in my life I have sacrificed my own desires, even my studies and a bunch of other career opportunities to do his will simply because it was what gave me pleasure the most.

Jehovah knows that I have nothing but the purest motives in doing this. And for those of you who think otherwise, feel free to try for yourself to do what I do and let me know how it works out. Glory is the last thing that you get from doing something like this. For every praise I receive, a tenfold equivalent of mockeries and criticisms come at me. After all who would like to hear the message that I deliver? Most Jehovah’s Witnesses still regard me as an apostate regardless of how boldly I proclaim the name of Jehovah and on the other hand most ex-JWs call me a member of the “King cult” or something like that for promoting articles by My whole blog says nothing but here and there. I can’t even understand how the glory is mine when what I am promoting is primarily the work of another person. And when a brother or sister thanks me I always make sure to say: “glory be to Jehovah.”

There is nothing we could ever hide from Jehovah’s "piercing eyes who sees our inmost thoughts and motivations" (The Day of Jehovah is Near). If I do really have wrong motives for doing what I do, then by all means let Jehovah punish me with the utmost severity. Accuse me of whatever you like but beware that if you are wrong, Jehovah will ultimately be the one to judge and rebuke you.

In the end, we can rest assured that ALL TRUTH will come out. There will be no skeletons left hidden in our individual closets. And we will all have to face Jehovah God and render an accounting before him. -Luke 8:17, Hebrews 4:13 

Message to the Reader

It is indeed very crucial that we get accurate knowledge in order to be saved but since surely not every single Witness will be able to find out about that website and make use of the life-saving information found there and some of you might understandably be a little skeptical, hesitant and doubtful in accepting new things, the comforting part is, that is not all that matters.

Even if we do not know every inch of the Bible, if we are aware of even just the most basic truths from the Scriptures and if we have indestructible faith in Jehovah and as long as we remain morally and spiritually clean and in good standing in His eyes, those are sufficient enough to receive salvation (of course still only through His undeserved kindness.)

In other words, if you have the Bible, you have strong faith in Jehovah and you remain pleasing in his eyes, you’ve got all that you need.

In the end it is not what we know that will matter but what we did.

We may know everything about God and the Bible but if we do not act accordingly, our knowledge would simply be futile. We may not understand everything that is happening now or will happen in the future but if our love for God is genuine, we can expect His protection and guidance when we cry out for help to Him during the coming end. –Psalms 84:11, 91

So let us love Jehovah with all our heart, do our best to please him every day and do what is right. Whatever we believe in would soon be irrelevant. Ultimately, it is the measure of our desire to please him that will become the basis of our salvation. 


At first we thought that we’d never have to worry about the technical aspects or about the costs of buying an own domain. But when things didn’t go as planned, my very dedicated and hardworking husband let himself be used by God to help me with building this humble website from scratch. (I am an old soul that makes me less acquainted about technical stuff)

He has spent countless hours working in front of the computer, customizing and beautifying the blog. He did everything from the web design to researching the latest news articles to post on the blog’s "news" tab.

It is such a great gift Jehovah God has given me to have such a fine husband who would be my best friend and partner in doing everything.

May all glory be to the Almighty God JEHOVAH alone... If not for His help, nothing would have been possible. May His will be done.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jehovah’s Witnesses Where is Your Brotherly Love? (John 13:34,35) Mga Saksi ni Jehova, Nasaan ang Inyong Pag-ibig Pangkapatid?

For the entire Law has been fulfilled in one commandment, namely: “You must love your neighbor as yourself.”
- Galatians 5:14

There are people who claim to call on Jehovah, who boast of worshiping the only true God but I find their so called worship of God futile for the very reason that there are so many people out there who rarely pray, who do not go to church or those who belong to another religion but who are MORE COMPASSIONATE and HUMANE. Our love for God should be reflected by our love for our neighbors, isn't it? Who are our neighbors? According to Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan are they not every human being on this planet regardless of race, age and religion? But if we cannot love our fellow human beings whom we see, how can we claim to love God whom we cannot see?? Pretty simple right? 

 Is it not our obligation as human beings and most especially as Christians who claim to imitate Jesus to help others who are terribly in need in whatever way we can if we are in the position to do so? “But whoever has the material possessions of this world and sees his brother in need and yet refuses to show him compassion, in what way does the love of God remain in him?”-1 John 3:17

Keeping in mind my dear sister Carol Ramos who has then and then again been rejected and neglected by those who claim to be shepherds of God's sheep and those who boast of being godly people. She is getting weaker by the second but very few really bother and most of those who do, aren't even Jehovah's Witnesses! Ironically Jehovah's Witnesses' year text for this year, 2016 is "Let your brotherly love continue" based on Hebrews 13:1.

There comes my disappointment. I initially planned on being an activist and a journalist to help others who are suffering, to make a difference in this world but instead at the age of 15, I decided to serve God as a regular pioneer /preacher of the good news, thinking that by doing so I am offering people a permanent solution to their problems. And yet right now after some powerful men in the organization abused me and pushed me out, I am blogging and presenting myself in front of the whole world hoping to help encourage and enlighten this time, my own fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses about the current situation in the Organization and warn them about the giant stumbling block that lies ahead for them but I am tormented by the fact that while doing that, I have to bear the heavy burden of knowing about how my fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses neglect the poorest and the sick ones in the congregation and sister Carol is just one of them. And sometimes it frustrates me because it seems like there isn’t much help that I can offer to those who are suffering like her.

I am then reminded of my grandfather’s example. Even before he and my grandmother became Witnesses and even though they didn't have much at all, they always did their very best to help and assist those who were in need. I guess being a good person doesn’t have anything to do with religion. If you have a selfish attitude and a callous heart, being a Jehovah’s Witness won’t necessarily change you although the mere learning about the truth should be more than enough to transform us. Some may change their old ways and stop smoking and over drinking for example but most people aren’t able to change their negative attitudes- at least based on my personal experience. I remember one talk I heard in the Kingdom Hall explaining how it would take a thousand years for us to be able to fully change our attitudes.

Surely as well, a big factor in the lack of empathy and compassion of many Witnesses could also be because the organization has put so much emphasis on contributing more and more hours on the ministry and following the "routine" that they had laid out for them and in doing so had forgotten to remind the flock that being a Christian not only involves preaching and attending meetings but God, Jehovah is also expecting us primarily to reflect his qualities by being of help to others who are sick and in need. Surely the verse in Matthew 24: 12 stating that: “the love of the greater number will grow cold” can already be seen at this early time.

About sister Carol

This is sister Carol Ramos, a faithful Witness and a stage 4 ovarian cancer sufferer. She has no husband or children who she can depend on to physically and financially assist her. Almost no one from among any of her current or past congregations have visited her on their on their own initiative except two of them who occasionally drops by. Once when she asked to be visited by some sisters from her current congregation, the elders visited her instead and they did so only to inform her that she shouldn’t share her fundraiser with anyone from the congregation. When she told them about her worsening condition and asked her congregation elders if they could help her financially, they rejected her and even criticized her for the hours that she is able to include in her report every month. The elders heartlessly and judgmentally even accused the poor sister of “not doing her best in the ministry” and they were sure of it cause according to the one of the elders who visited her, he himself does not give his best so she definitely isn’t giving her best either. What is worse is when she asked them to at least pray for her, they refused to do so and instead told her that she needs to be corrected. She has served for many years as a Jehovah’s Witness despite being treated poorly by the elders and other congregation members and despite her suffering from PTSD.

 “Hi kind souls out there following my struggle with stage 4 ovarian cancer, diagnosed in 2011. They tried a new chemotherapy on me yesterday. The most effective chemotherapy failed and in the last 6 weeks I have worsened. It is hard to walk. I have lots of nausea and pain in my entire torso, its affecting how long i can hold cell phone. The cancer I am working on melting away near heart and in shoulders, is a real trouble spot in the last 2 days ( using visualization) . I am now taking pain meds regularly and still have lots of pain. I still need $800 to get a far infra red mat , and some oxygen and vitamin C treatments. I am looking for a sponsor to help me go to a clinic. Any amount welcome at and will keep you posted on how i use the funds.

In my faith (as a Jehovah’s Witness) people think if they tell you, you have a resurrection hope, that they are being comforting. They might as well be saying, don't worry you'll go to heaven. They do not take time to visit me, check on me or even find something out about me as a person. I get NO phone calls from brothers and sisters from the 3 congregations I have been in. Mainly they are too busy preaching to save their own lives to bother with the sick and dying. And I do realize not everyone can handle that scenario. Most are afraid or too lazy to think for themselves. I am sure many are altruistic in there desire to preach. But if they really realized how much they fear for their lives, they might have more empathy for me. Many believe that there is no hope nor any answers, especially elders. So they wash their hands of me. I live in a culture here in this area that if one is emotionally hurt people distance themselves and stigmatize. They all have the friends they need so I am just broken spare tire they rather ignore. And seems like if one is physically and emotionally unable to be an overachieving witness then one must “not be spiritual.” Even those overachievers are spiritually poor. Doing lots of activity may not be a true indication of spirituality. I find that a large basis for preaching push to the neglect of the flock comes down from Watchtower headquarters. Also the lack of teaching in how to support and comfort the flock is not taught. I do not see the pursuit of understanding Proverbs 2 begs us to endeavor love of God can only be manifested through love of people. Have i reached out to people? Yes I have, especially in the 3 congregations over the last 20 years.

I was known for having a preaching record that showed effort and i was often told by other hurt people how much my many comments helped the congregation. I did try to find ways to help others despite my severe depression and PTSD. I am great at informal witnessing, and have warmth.”

–excerpt taken from her personal facebook account

Why I Bother

Some might be bewildered or even annoyed by my continuous plead for help for sister Carol on my Facebook account. Some might think that we have been just good friends for a very long time and I am just being biased by highlighting and paying attention to her suffering more than the others’. But the thing that some may not know about me is that I will do that for anyone I know (most especially if it is a fellow servant of Jehovah) because I have been there, in a similar situation way too many times throughout my life to not know how it feels like. I know how it is when you are in a state of total hopelessness, when it seems like the heavens and the earth are closing in on you from both directions and what makes that tormenting situation even harder is having no one constantly by your side to at least hold your hand and give you those messages of hope that you can no longer tell yourself. What adds insult to the injury is not just the refusal of Witnesses who know this sister and some other people claiming to worship Jehovah to help financially, after all we could find many different ways to help and sometimes even just a sentence or two of spiritual encouragement can make a big difference. But the thing that I noticed is that the people who often bother to say hi to her or inquire of her or give her some words of encouragement are people belonging to different religions! I could read how they sincerely care for this sister and that just hurts my eyes. 

Sometimes you could really be ashamed to call yourself one of Jehovah’s Witnesses when you see how cold and callous they could be.

 Some might think of me as a selfish person for persistently calling on others to be of help to her like it is their obligation and yes, think what you want to think of me but empathy is one of the characteristics that makes us human and if you can’t at least imagine yourself in her shoes than you must not be human at all.

 I have gone through a lot of miseries and tragedies and unimaginably difficult situations in life (that if I dare put into detail here, it would be too painful to read) and there are times that I had no other choice but to rely on the help and kindness of others to make it through another day. If some of those people didn’t decide to show me kindness, I don’t know where I’ll be right now, literally. It is true that God is alive and he uses people to help those he wants to help but the question we ought to ask ourselves here is: Am I willing to let God use me to help?

Sister Carol not only has stage 4 cancer (no need for me to elaborate what it means) but she has also been struggling with paying her monthly bills, with purchasing groceries and other basic necessities that most of us do not lack yet at this moment. We could pass on our Starbucks Frappes this week, we could pass on buying some unhealthy Pringles or Cheetos or Mcdonalds french fries with soda and we could use that spare amount to help other people, most especially those whom we call as our “brothers and sisters” in faith.

Again before you decide to hate me or judge me for my persistence to find help for this poor sister of ours, the best question to ask ourselves are these: 

-How do I want to be treated if tomorrow I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I am totally broke and have no one to help and my congregation and most especially the elders, have all turned their backs on me? 

-What will I want people to do for me? 

Or better: 

-How far would I be willing to go if it was someone who I love dearly that is battling a terrible life threatening disease and I don’t have the funds to help him or her to survive? 

That my friends is called EMPATHY.

Although there is a promise of resurrection let us not fool ourselves that we could give up our lives so easily without even putting up a good fight. Nobody wants to die and that is the thought that Jehovah God has engraved deeply in our hearts. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Going back to Jesus' parable about the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:29-37, the lesson he wanted to highlight there was that we should have love for our fellow human beings, that we should help others without being partial or selective, that we should show kindness and mercy even to those who aren't our close friends or co-worshipers but just think of it, doesn't it imply that if it is someone we consider as a brother or sister in faith, we should definitely be more inclined to help?

So tell me, after reading this short essay and hearing about sister Carol’s story, who are you going to be in Jesus' parable, the priest, the Levite or the Samaritan?

I try to live by this rule in life and hope that others can find it in themselves to appreciate this verse as well: “Happy are the merciful, since they will be shown mercy.” –Matthew 5:7

So if we are not merciful and compassionate to others now, most especially to those who are related to us in faith, what kind of mercy do we expect our God Jehovah to show upon us during the “day of clouds and thick gloom” a.k.a the great tribulation? 

In the end, rest assured that our good deeds will be rewarded and will never be forgotten by our Great Creator as the Bible has promised: “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.” – Proverbs 19:17 English Standard Version

This story ought to make us think, how many other sister Carols are out there, being neglected and abandoned by their congregations? 

Doesn't this sister's story only give more credence to the articles found on about the elders who have become feeders of themselves, neglecting and abandoning God's sheep that was entrusted to them? Surely Jehovah God himself will give his abused and injured sheep justice and every shepherd will have to give an accounting before Him- Ezekiel 34

How to Send Help:

Those who are in a position to help and would want to contribute for sister Carol's medications and other needs may send their help via her paypal account:  She used to have a Gofundme page but she could no longer reactive it because of technical difficulties and other issues. She is currently very weak and can no longer function well so please understand. If you are interested in helping her please kindly do so as soon as possible as time is of the essence. Her condition is deteriorating fast.

You may also leave any encouraging messages for her on the comments section below and I will relay them to her.

related article/ English: Woe to the Shepherds Who have Become Feeders of Themselves

Tagalog: "Sa Aba ng mga Pastol na Naging Tagapagpakain ng Kanilang Sarili"


Sister Carol wants to thank everyone who has helped her and showed her kindness. I have been in touch with her this evening via Facebook message and she gave me a list of people who have donated to her. She will compose a message but for now she asks me to relay her thanks to all of you.

List of people who contributed:

Mr. RK

Mr. RT
Ms. AB
Ms. SD
Mr. LA
Ms. MK
Mr. RK
Mr. MM
Mr. GW
Mr. LF
Mr. BS
Mr. DG
Ms. AO

If you don't see your initials here and you have contributed please let me know so I can double check with her.

Thank you all so much and may Jehovah God bless you and repay for your kindness.