Friday, January 20, 2017

“Patiently Endure Unfair Treatment”

“For it is agreeable when someone endures hardship and suffers unjustly because of conscience toward God.”- 1 Peter 2:19

Since time immemorial, those who tried to faithfully serve God suffered extreme difficulty and persecution, not because they have done something wrong but because they did what was right. There are numerous Biblical examples of such fine men and women who endured greatly for righteousness’ sake and one of the most startling accounts is that of Joseph- the son of Jacob and Rachel.

We can recall how young Joseph after being unjustly sold by his brothers as a slave, suffered yet again another form of injustice when he was accused of attempting to rape his master Potiphar’s wife that ultimately lead up to his imprisonment for several years when in fact what he did was the exact opposite of what he was accused of- he ran away from her when she once again tried to persuade him to commit sexual immorality. Horrific as it may seem but that is the reality of life that we are living in today. The situations inside the congregations aren’t at all different than that of the ancient servants of God. There are many instances in which what is bad is considered good and what is good is considered bad. (Isaiah 5:20) Instead of reaping rewards for demonstrating acts of righteousness, some find themselves being the subject of acts of hostility and injustice, being sentenced to expulsion, exclusion and defamation. Such instances may be extreme but not at all farfetched. It happened before, and it can’t be any more real and prevalent than in this present time that we are now living in up until the last days of this old system of things.

In our present time there are many genuine servants of God that had to suffer and experience gross acts of injustices inside the supposedly, Organization of God. Some are wrongfully disfellowshipped or removed from their privileges, some were falsely accused of things they didn’t do and had to bear reproach and a tarnished reputation, some have been branded as apostates and enemies of God for simply asking valid questions or even just reading news, some have been victims of heinous crimes by their fellow brothers in faith, some have been denied justice by the appointed shepherds in the congregation, some have been sexually and emotionally abused and many needy and ailing members of the congregation have been abandoned and neglected. And whether we are aware of it or not, the scenarios in which God’s people are being mistreated today are limitless.

And although the Organization heavily denies the prevalence of such instances as either lies made up by disloyal ones, minor misunderstanding or as very isolated incidents, the fact of the matter is that these happenings are not at all that rare and have long been foretold in the Bible.

True, the Society has published a considerable amount of encouraging articles tackling the subject of injustice and persecution that originates from non-believers but it is disappointing that many who have been victimized and oppressed by their fellow believers can rarely find articles that would offer them comfort or at least help them endure. What is worse than that though is the reason behind it. Like what is mentioned earlier, there is a great lack of acknowledgement by the leaders of the Organization that these terrible things do really happen in the so called “spiritual paradise” a.k.a the Kingdom Halls.  How could we really expect them to write about something that they are very much convinced does not happen or at least very rarely happens? This essay is written for the purpose of providing comfort and strengthening the faith of those who are like me and have suffered injustice from the hands of the so called “shepherds” of God’s sheep.

In the first years that I have been suffering injustice and persecution from both numerous men in authority within the Organization and from my former congregation members, I have striven to find publications that might be of help to me given my situation and discovering how scarce they are, just made my situation a lot harder. Fortunately though I didn’t need them anymore after I discovered the Scriptural reasons for my suffering a few years back, until I had to re-experience injustice again just recently, only this time it was worse, because I didn’t see it coming. I was ill-prepared. That is when I began to appreciate the account of Joseph’s life, because at least somehow now, I can better relate to what he went through.

Up until that point that my faith was severely tested again, this blog was practically pointless. I just try to humor myself by thinking that maybe somehow Jehovah knew that it was not possible for me to be able to write anything meaningful at all unless I am extremely inspired- most of the time- by the hardships that I face.

I wrote this article not because I am so strong and exemplary in every way, but because despite of my obvious weaknesses and imperfections, I still manage to make it day after day only because it is Jehovah that intervenes for me.


“Shepherd the flock of God under your care, serving as overseers, not under compulsion, but willingly before God; not for love of dishonest gain, but eagerly;   not lording it over those who are God’s inheritance, but becoming examples to the flock.” 1 Peter 5:3

Spiritual shepherds- how loving and caring and mild they are when they’re depicted in the publications. The flock a.k.a the members of the congregation are always encouraged to approach them and be willing to be approached by them for our own spiritual benefit. Often they are described in the Society’s literatures as self-sacrificing, hard-working, spiritually mature, fine men who are always willing to be of help to the flock. And although there are undoubtedly numerous kind and sincere elders and overseers within the Organization, the truth is more often than not, majority of the appointed shepherds fail terribly at treating Jehovah and Jesus’s flock properly.

As a young child attending meetings with my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents), I had a very positive view of elders. They seemed to be nice and friendly and since they were those who took the lead in the congregation, I had great respect for them. But that quickly changed when my grandfather who was a very honorable and righteous man was framed and persecuted by a bossy elder that seemed to have an obsession for fault finding- regardless if there aren’t any actual faults.

To this date, I honestly haven’t met a man as upright and as respectable as my grandfather. He was the kind of person whom you will find mopping the entire house at 4 am, doing laundry at 12pm and spending the rest of his afternoon carefully reading and studying the bible, taking note of every verse that he has found interesting. He was able to collect a lot of big notebooks filled with Bible verses and what he learned from them before he passed away. The young ones around the house try to stay away from him though while he is doing his personal Bible study, afraid that they might be invited to sit beside him while he shares the new Biblical knowledge that he has acquired- but not me. A big portion of my spiritual training came from him and I certainly benefited from those afternoon discussions where he often shared with me his unique insights which were clearly manifested in my efficacy on the field ministry. And that is why the rough and unreasonable treatment of that specific elder to my grandfather had a great negative impact on me- in instilled in my mind this great fear, that elders might be not be at all the same from their depiction in the magazines, maybe elders shouldn’t be trusted or considered as friends but perhaps they should be feared. My grandfather used the term “Gestapo” to describe that specific elder who enjoyed acting up as if he were a spiritual police.

A few years after my grandfather was framed and victimized by that elder’s faulty fault finding skills, even before the actual abuse took place, somehow I got the elder’s attention and he out-rightly called my grandfather at our house just so he could inform him of his poorly acquired intel accusing me of having immoral relations with a Bethelite and elder in our congregation which was immediately proved false. Fast-forward to almost a decade and a half and here I am. I find my life destroyed and brutally torn to pieces by the mere men who claim to uphold the strictest of Bible principles. Now I am certain, that elders can be the opposite of what we read in the publications of the Watchtower.

Just to be clear, the aim of this portion of my essay is not to paint the elders in a bad light, after all I have known elders who are very much worthy of praise and honor because of their faithfulness and concern for others. I also am not trying to belittle the purpose that spiritual shepherds serve in the congregations after all I am very much aware that they are very badly needed to maintain peace, order and spiritual health in the congregation. But that is exactly what makes them more accountable isn’t it? There isn’t anything more spiritually and perhaps even mentally destructive than malfunctioning shepherds who fail to fulfill their duties.

Although I have not been able to completely share my story of the abuse that the elders have perpetrated against me (for the reason that I do not want to further complicate matters as the case is still currently being heard at the Regional Trial Court in my hometown), what I can tell you is that I owe them my mental and physical disability called PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as I have posted on my previous essay which has caused my life tremendous and unimaginable suffering. Initially on my 18th birthday (since I painfully had to wait for, in order for me to be eligible to file a criminal case, because the abuse started when I was 16 and I was without guardian), I filed 3 cases against the whole body of elders in my mother congregation who conspired to traumatize and abuse me right after my grandparents left for the US. The cases I originally filed were: Oral defamation, Unjust, Vexation and Qualified Trespass to Dwelling all in relation to RA 7610 or anti child abuse law of the Philippines. I was repeatedly harassed, stalked, threatened and publicly humiliated by the elders among others in a span of less than two years. The mental trauma inflicted upon me was too severe; at one point I actually became convinced that the elders were going to have me killed. Of course I realized that since I was so brave so as to report them to the Service Desk at Bethel and since they wouldn’t like to lose their lavish Bethel residency, the only sensible reason that they would insist on coming back and harass me is that they want to silence me.  During that time period, my relatives who were supposedly assigned by my grandparents to help me, have also participated in abusing me, persecuting me severely, stealing from me and denied me access to my own inheritance but most of all, endangered my life by following the orders of this very loving and compassionate elder who ordered them to abandon me in a malpracticing clinic and cut all ties and communication with me or face disfellowshipping. In other words, I was sentenced by the elders to death and I wasn’t even disfellowshipped nor reproved.

I had to wait for almost 2 years and hide and live in disguise for a whole year before I was permitted by the law to finally file a criminal complaint against the said elders. I didn’t expect to receive such a painful surprise by finding out that Bethel had sided with my abusers by providing them with our very own JW lawyers and tons of assistants and butlers who would carry their bags and paraphernalia. Add to that the recantation of one of my cousin’s to his testimony and his siding with the elders. That didn’t come as a surprise though. We have to understand that most Witnesses would certainly act like mind- controlled members of a cult when being scared with disfellowshipping. Unfortunately for me, in the end, my aunt and cousins, seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get rid of me so they can live freely and have my inheritance for themselves and yes they eventually did.

 At one point when I could no longer bear my aunt’s persecution partnered with the elders's perseverance to haunt me down, I had no choice but to try to stay away from home as much as I could. I was practically homeless and had to roam the streets, making myself vulnerable to a lot of danger- even to the danger of being sexually trafficked. Apparently it was better for me to be subjected to the dangers of the outside world than to suffer the wrath of the wicked elders and my own JW aunt. Oh Jehovah you know the story!

Despite of the shocking abuse I suffered in the hands of the very loving shepherds, despite of the extreme persecution, abandonment and betrayal that I received from my own JW relatives and from the Organization itself, me and my husband (just got married at that time) decided to humble ourselves and transfer to a new congregation which eased all our worries away by promising us things that they all eventually failed to do. As you will read on my previous essay, the elders in the congregation where we transferred to betrayed us and treated us harshly when our powerful enemies, my abusers from Bethel and the other leading men in Bethel itself with the blessing of someone who is now a Governing Body member, pressured the elders in our congregation to persecute and blackmail us to drop the charges I filed against my abusers. Have they only listened when I was humbly pleading and crying in Bethel’s lobby, if only even so much as one man stood up for me among numerous men in authority that I have approached and at least listened, we would not have ended up in court and I wouldn’t have sought help and protection from the government. But that was a necessary step to preserve my life and that of my daughter.

Isn’t it quite sad and most of all scary, that the shepherds whom God and Jesus have given the assignment to, to lovingly and gently take care and safeguard the flock are the very ones who will subject the sheep to abuse?

There were few brothers and sisters who were kind enough to support me and some even helped me submit my complaint in Bethel (the first time I asked Bethel’s help) against our own body of elders but upon knowing that I filed a criminal case against the leaders, they despised me, one even telling me on the telephone that she would willingly do anything at all just to protect the name of Jehovah and testify against me in court. Unfortunately, they aren’t open-minded enough to grasp the fact that my filing of case against 3 elders, “3 individuals” is different from suing the Organization itself, although I could definitely do that (since the leading men of Bethel Philippines have repeatedly refused to act upon my pleas for help while our elders and their members were abusing me) but I refused to. And not in any way do I dream of causing Jehovah’s name any reproach. The only reason I am still doing this, running the blog and all is because of our brotherly love and concern for others that we want them to know the truth that would help them understand what’s going on in the Organization without causing them to lose their trust in God and most of all we are doing this because of our sincere desire to uphold and exalt/vindicate Jehovah’s very name. I can only hope that a day will come when Jehovah himself will let them know what he thinks about the whole ordeal and free me from being the victim of hate of so many people whom I once considered as close friends and brothers in faith.

You think that was too much? Well sadly, that is not where it ends.

The most astounding abuse committed against me by a so called shepherd of God did not come from an elder or overseer in the Organization.

And that is exactly the reason why I have tried multiple times to warn you to take even more precaution when dealing with people who run religious blogs online because as I have already stated, if those brothers and sisters who we have already known for years can deceive and betray us, what more those whom we have not even personally met- those who are in the internet.

You know after everything we’ve been through, I thought that finding a so called shepherd who is no longer tied up with the congregation was like an unimaginable blessing. But I guess I was too trusting. After all I’ve experienced with human leaders I should have known better, I should have been more cautious but out of wanting to be of service to God again and to my fellow Witnesses, I let my kindness blind me and someone took advantage of that.

It’s not hard to find an ancient parallel though. We can look back at how the reign of King Solomon went. At first his rule was so peaceful and so successful that it can rightly be said that it foreshadowed the life in paradise, during the Millennial reign of Christ and then as Solomon got older, he stopped obeying God’s commandments, he lost control of his fleshly desires and took many foreign wives and concubines who influenced him to worship foreign gods. Soon King Solomon himself became cruel and oppressive, causing God’s people to suffer severely. This happened to such an extent that the people complained about Solomon to his son Rehoboam and requested relief. Jehovah then acted in behalf of his people and provided a way of bringing relief to his people by anointing a deliverer and that is Jereboam, a man who worked in Solomon’s government. God then approved a governmental division of the 12 tribes. Ten tribes were given to Jeroboam and two would be under the rulership of king Rehoboam. Many of you might know well how that arrangement ended up.

King Jeroboam’s rule could have brought some relief to God’s people but instead, his rulership further tested their loyalty to God.

In a similar way, persons who claim to abhor what the Watchtower does and the heartlessness and hypocrisy of its leaders, should know better than to do what they very strongly claim to hate. They speak so critically of the Organization, condemning every little error they could point out. They even go as far as to speak for the abused and neglected ones like they know what kind of suffering these poor brothers and sisters went through. They speak convincingly and seemingly with a great and vast knowledge of the Bible and because of that we might think that they are very different from the selfish and callous Jehovah’s Witness overseers but beware, cause when their masks fall off, I tell you this, you’d fear them several times more than those inside the congregations.

Isn’t it supposedly included in the purpose of JW related spiritual/religious blogs to encourage those who are losing faith, who have been treated unkindly, give comfort to those who are suffering, strengthen those who are weak in faith and help the many others to trust in and remain close to God or if they can’t do those, the least that they can do is TO NOT add more to the burdens of those who are already afflicted. But that is not the case dear readers. These people, these men are mostly good in words but not in action. And they aren’t ashamed to actually disrespect and insult Jehovah by their disgusting display of hypocrisy. Instead of serve as good examples of people with strong faith in God, they give the idea that they themselves do not actually believe in Jehovah, otherwise they would have adhered to his word, the Bible and not act contrastingly with it. According to the verse quoted above, in 1 Peter 5:3, they should be examples to the flock but what kind of example do these shepherds really set? Indeed, the selfish and self-righteous shepherds set an example of who we shouldn’t be.

You don’t need these superfine apostles or even prophets as some like to call themselves, to tell you what you need you to do. God, the Creator himself protected and preserved his word, the Bible and made it possible to be translated in almost every language there is in our present time. The Bible includes very clear instructions as to what is pleasing to God and what is not. The Watchtower Organization, although imperfect, still has done a commendable and unmatchable work of reviving and making the basic Bible doctrines known around the world that we can benefit from. And more than great knowledge of the Bible and its prophecies, what is most pleasing to Jehovah is our obedience to him. That is actually the fact that I was trying to highlight several times in this blog already. If you know the fundamental truths from the Bible and you have faith, remain faithful to Jehovah and endure to the end and you will receive the fulfillment of the promise- life in paradise.

We can therefore conclude that many spiritual shepherds in our present time, whether inside the congregation or in the internet are no different with the religious leaders who lived in the time of Jesus Christ. The following verses aptly apply to them. The Bible describes them in this way: “The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the seat of Moses. Therefore, all the things they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say but they do not practice what they say. They bind up heavy loads and put them on the shoulders of men, but they themselves are not willing to budge them with their finger. All the works they do, they do to be seen by men, for they broaden the scripture-containing cases that they wear as safeguards and lengthen the fringes of their garments. They like the most prominent place at evening meals and the front seats in the synagogues and the greetings in the marketplaces and to be called Rabbi by men.” –Matthew 23: 2-7

As human beings, we have the undeniable tendency to want something tangible, something that we can see. We find it easier to open up to human shepherds who we can easily approach in person, talk to and who would answer our questions right then and there- like when the Israelites demanded to have a human king during the time of the prophet Samuel. Jehovah God granted their request but with that came the warning that they will have to pay a painful price for their disrespect and disregard for him. And sure enough many kings who ruled over the Israelites became selfish, oppressive and some even became idolaters and apostates. There is one clear thing that we should learn from these past and even present human leaders- no matter how much they try to do what is right, that no man can ever compare to the supreme righteousness of Jehovah God.

We could have used the most recent injustice we suffered as a reason to totally abandon God, like many others do when they are subjected to injustice and suffering. But ever since that event, it was just me, my family and Jehovah and I can’t tell you how much better it is right now because unlike human beings who are easily drawn by their tendency to sin or easily influenced by their desires and the opinions of others, Jehovah does not change. His love, his righteousness is constant and unmovable. He is the exact same Jehovah he was eternities ago and he will remain the same forever.

The ways in which the shepherds of God have failed him and his people are endless. But instead of let this awareness of their incompetence weaken our faith, shouldn’t this all the more cause us to look forward to Christ’s reign as king in a new world where injustice and oppression no longer exists? Jehovah promised his sheep in Ezekiel chapter 34 that the selfish shepherds who are feeding only themselves and abusing his sheep will be dismissed and be ultimately held accountable. And on the other hand, he also promises his sheep that he will raise up a shepherd over them, this time to really and properly care for them and feed them.


“In all of this, Job did not sin or accuse God of doing anything wrong.” –Job 1:23

Like Job before, our faith is truly put to the test when we experience great suffering while not understanding the reason why. That is exactly why I found what happened to me years ago, when we were betrayed by and pushed out of the congregation for the second time in the end 2012, extremely hard to bear.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we were made very aware that we are targets of Jehovah God’s archenemy, Satan and his demons and that is why we have to be prepared to be persecuted by our non-believing friends, family, acquaintances, workmates etc. But what happens when the extreme injustice and persecution comes from within the congregation and even happens repeatedly? Yes, many victims of injustice and tyranny may begin to question their faith. And sadly, because of that ill-preparedness and confusion as to why these things have to happen, many have decided to abandon not just the congregation, but Jehovah God himself as well. Unfortunately, some heavily embittered ones who lost their faith arrive at the conclusion that Jehovah’s Witnesses are nothing but a “mind controlling and abusive cult.”

It is given, we are all entitled to our own opinions but what I find so wrong about that thinking is that fact that in numerous verses, the Bible, even according to Jesus himself and the other inspired apostles, warned us that those who are in the congregations may still find themselves victimized by the heartless and lawless individuals, often wolves who are dressed in sheep’s clothing. (Acts 20:29) That is in fact the reason why the judgment ultimately has to begin with the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17) There are many wicked individuals, who need to be plucked out and removed from among God’s people.

So therefore from a Biblical standpoint, the unrighteousness and lawlessness currently prevalent in the congregations around the world isn’t at all proof that the Jehovah’s Witness Organization is a false, misleading religion neither is it proof that Jehovah is nothing more than an imaginary character in the minds of his worshipers. If anything, the deplorable situation in the congregations today all the more prove that this is God’s Organization. After all, didn’t Jesus warn us about the following:  “Keep in mind the word I said to you: A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you...”

Looking back at the account of Jesus’s life, who were his primary persecutors? Weren’t they the Pharisees, the high priests and the scribes who resided in the same temple that that he worshiped in? In other words, those who persecuted Jesus were not only members of his own religion but the leaders themselves! And we might recall that at one time when Jesus gave a talk at the local synagogue, take note, in his own hometown, (Nazareth) didn’t majority of the congregation attempt to throw him over the edge and kill him? Imagine these are not non-believers who wanted to kill Jesus, the foretold Messiah; these are Jews attending in the synagogue! In the same manner we were once again warned: “Happy are you whenever men hate you, and when they exclude you [from the synagogue] and reproach you and denounce your name as wicked for the sake of the Son of man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, for look! your reward is great in heaven, for those are the same things their forefathers used to do to the prophets.” –Luke 6:22,23

It is obvious that the only ones who have the authority to exclude us or even “expel” us from the synagogue as the related verse in John 16:1,2 states, are the spiritual leaders of what we presently recognize now as the “ Christian congregation” (modern equivalent of the synagogue). And although these verses have yet a grander fulfillment in the very near future, many have already experienced these situations to a certain degree, the author of this essay being one of them.

We may also keep in mind that God often condemned the princes, prophets and priests in ancient times because they weren’t seeking the best interest of their subjects. Instead, God’s people were often mistreated, neglected and mislead to a shocking degree. And isn’t that what is happening in the congregations right now? We can therefore conclude that the oppression and injustice that modern day Christians are presently facing are happening as a parallel to the things experienced by God’s people long ago. That is why Jehovah has placed his pre-recorded judgments in the Bible both as a warning to those who deliberately abuse and neglect his sheep and also as an encouragement to his afflicted people, comforting them with his promise that he will without a doubt, set matters straight by demanding an accounting from the selfish shepherds, dismissing them from their appointments and by personally caring for his sheep. The touching and heartwarming verses in which we will read Jehovah’s promise is found in Ezekiel 34:1-14

History is only repeating itself my friends. Then and again, many times, those who ruled over God’s people and even the kings whom Jehovah himself has picked, failed epically at properly treating his people. So there should really be nothing shocking about being abused by spiritual shepherds, but of course it becomes like that only because we weren’t prepared by the Society for those instances.

As the apostle Peter has put it: “Beloved ones, do not be surprised about the fiery trials that you are experiencing, as though something strange were happening to you.  On the contrary, go on rejoicing over the extent to which you are sharers in the sufferings of the Christ, so that you may rejoice and be overjoyed also during the revelation of his glory. If you are being reproached for the name of Christ, you are happy, because the spirit of glory, yes, the spirit of God, is resting upon you.”
It should therefore be clear that the notion that the Organization is a false religion and a cult because of the many cases of injustices happening inside it is pure absurdity!

Not to sound judgmental, but in the past 3 years that we’ve been searching the internet for answers, we’ve encountered countless former Witnesses who at the first sign of minor persecution, or seemingly contradictory or false teaching of the Watchtower, decide to abort, ship so to speak. What we noticed is that many former Witnesses instead of sincerely seeking answers to their questions use the errors or misunderstood teaching of the Organization as a valid reason to rejoice for they can now justify their leaving Jehovah and enjoying Satan’s wicked world to the fullest. (1 Corinthians 7:31) One brother who used to be a family friend out of his concern once tried to persuade me to live and enjoy my life by justifying worldly celebrations. Just to be clear, I am not questioning his motives and I sincerely believe that he just wanted to help but regardless of if a worldly tradition or occasion in reality “isn’t really as bad as it seems,” as true Christians, aren’t we required to follow Christ’s footsteps and to reject being part of this wicked world in every possible way we can and not find excuses so that we can somehow be part it? It definitely sounds boring and yes it seems so at times and I can’t say it’s easy for us either but if that is what is required from us Christians, if that is what would please God, why would we not be willing to sacrifice? What is our being “Christians” for if we do not follow the pattern that Jesus has left?

We can ask ourselves these questions: Why are we in the Kingdom Hall in the first place, who are we really trying to please? If our loyalty to God is contingent on the faithfulness and the pleasant treatment to us by others in the congregation, what does that say about us? What does that say about our motives? Isn’t it like admitting that we are merely men pleasers who are seeking “glory from men” and not from God? And wouldn’t that only prove Satan the accuser right that we will only serve God when we are in favorable circumstances and we do so only for our own selfish gain? (John 12:43, Job 1:10,11)

Turning our back on Jehovah when our faith is being tested is like admitting that our love for him is not at all unconditional or sincere. It will also contradict the vows that we made to him during our baptism.

We cannot prove our loyalty to God when our circumstances are comfortable rather our true motives and faithfulness to Jehovah is displayed when we patiently endure injustice and hardships regardless of if it comes from our own brothers in faith or from non-believers.

In the world there is a saying that it is “the survival of the fittest,” but when it comes to being Jehovah’s servants, it isn’t that different at all, you can call it “the survival of the faithful.” We ought to know most especially as servants of God that our lives here, in this system of things would have no shortage of troubles and pain as Job has observed. (Job 14:1) But if we allow the negative things, the injustice that we see, the unfair treatment that we received to derail us from our goal and kick us out of our race for life, who would be the bigger loser then, isn’t it us? It is a sad fact but many who were mistreated or somehow knew about an injustice in the congregation let the faults of others stumble them. They left everything that they have learned about the Bible, they threw all their hard work that they did in service to God and turned their back from Jehovah, just like that.

We would do good to consider Job’s attitude when he was going through harrowing trials in his life. This is how he responded when his wife advised him to no longer hold firmly to his integrity and instead curse God: “But he said to her: You are talking like one of the senseless women. Should we accept only what is good from the true God and not accept also what is bad? In all of this, Job did not sin with his lips.

May we be determined like Job, to hold firmly into our integrity so that we may be able to prove both our love for God and Satan as a liar.


 “I have seen the ruthless, evil man spreading out like a luxuriant tree in its native soil. But he suddenly passed away and was gone; I kept searching for him, and he could not be found. But all the transgressors will be destroyed; The future of wicked people will be cut off.” –Proverbs 37:35-36,38

Many of us are familiar with the story of Asaph found at Psalms chapter 73.

Asaph was nearly stumbled by his observation of how the wicked ones continue to prosper and rule over the righteous. And understandably many hurt individuals who suffered injustices in the congregation might feel the same- as if Jehovah is blind and deaf to the suffering of the oppressed. I myself felt that way too many times before. After all, almost every person who has subjected me to injustice and took part in wrecking my health and my life were never held accountable, at least not that I know of.

As Asaph has noted, “the wicked always have it easy”. Isn’t that very evident most especially in our present time? Those who have caused God’s people tremendous pain seem to not only escape from the consequences of their actions, but they seem to do really well in their lives in general. Perhaps because even if they claim to be servants of the true God, they are still very much part of Satan’s world, serving only for their own selfish agendas and therefore as the Bible has said, “the world will be fond of its own.”  It puts into mind the saying: ”if Satan isn’t against you, maybe it is because he is walking with you.” Perhaps that is the reason why many lawless and heartless individuals continue to lie down in peace every night and prosper in their lives.

But really as Christians and servants of Jehovah, our job here is to endure till the end isn’t it? We ought to know we won’t have easy lives. The Bible warned us about it beforehand by saying: “In fact, all those desiring to live with Godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted. But wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse...”

The evil doers may live comfortable, tumult-free lives, but the Bible foretells that their future would be painfully bleak: “For there is no future for anyone evil; The lamp of the wicked will be extinguished.” –Proverbs 24:20”

There are several types of Christians in each Kingdom Hall, we can consider one  the persecutor and another one the oppressed. We may ask ourselves who we really want to be, those who have it easy now but will have no future or those who suffer now but eventually will have eternal life and a bright endless future in the new world?

We can also find comfort by appreciating the fact that although the righteous seem to suffer a lot of persecution and even abundant personal calamities, no matter what happens in their lives, they will always have a tomorrow to look forward to, knowing that their names are in Jehovah’s book and they will be remembered and rewarded greatly for their faithfulness and endurance. The wicked may seem to thrive and succeed for now, in this evil system of things but once they die and Jehovah removes them, that is it, they are gone and there won’t even be any trace of them, as God has promised. – please read James 4:14


“Brothers, take as a pattern of the suffering of evil and the exercising of patience the prophets who spoke in the name of Jehovah. Look! We consider happy those who have endured. You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome Jehovah gave, that Jehovah is very tender in affection and merciful.” –James 5:10,11

 I wrote this essay not because I am good at “patiently enduring,” but because I am not but I wanted to share to others what helped me go on despite occasionally lacking the patience and endurance necessary for Christians. The injustice that happened to me recently was very traumatic. I didn’t even know that I can be traumatized more than I already am but it did happen- in a way, at a time, from people I least expected it to. In other words, I was caught off-guard. Add that to the mountain of persecution that we were already facing on a daily basis and it would just be IMPOSSIBLE for me to go on at all.

The truth is, no matter how faithful, how zealous, how strong we try to be, we are still just imperfect humans and as people we do have our limitations. If we are to rely solely on our own strength, chances are there will be problems we cannot face, what more successfully pass. We cannot patiently endure without the help of a higher being, someone who can give us strength more than usual, someone who is not weak, flesh and bones made from dust like us, someone who is definitely stronger.

 In these past 8 years that I have been suffering extreme injustice from the leading men in the Organization among others, I have continuously been tearfully pleading that may Jehovah God put an end to our suffering. I would often relate to him how extremely tired and exhausted I already am and how I cannot continue in serving him anymore. There are times when like Jeremiah, I felt like I no longer wanted to speak about him, that I cannot go on in serving Him any further. Don’t get me wrong though, I always believed in never choosing the path of least resistance and I always believed in suffering and being persecuted for righteousness' sake. But it seemed like an endless cycle and in the process I did lose a lot. I lost friends, family, career, things I was passionate about, a life and because of doing what is right it seems that I still am gonna lose more. They say life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down but it’s tiring and extremely frustrating to always be underneath. And whenever I look back at the reasons I suffered in my life, most of the time, I was persecuted because I chose to obey Jehovah and do what was right. How then can I not share the sentiments of the prophet Jeremiah when he said: “I have become a laughingstock all day long; Everyone ridicules me. For whenever I speak, I must cry out and proclaim,“Violence and destruction!” For me the word of Jehovah has been the cause of insults and jeering all day long. So I said: “I am not going to make mention of him, And I will speak no more in his name.” –Jeremiah 20:7-9

But as with the case of Jeremiah, eventually the All Mighty, Hearer of Prayer, Jehovah of armies, used his strength and He prevailed. He strengthened Jeremiah and eventually, the prophet felt like he could no longer bear to not speak about Jehovah and so did I. Many times, I throw a fit like a child when I feel like the load I am carrying is far too heavy than I can endure. I cry to him, I tell him what he is asking of me is too much and that I don’t want to do this anymore, I want THE EASY LIFE. But time and again I find myself telling him, “Oh Jehovah, I give up, you always win!” I just can’t stomach the thought of living my life without Him. We have been together for so long; it is hard to imagine life without Jehovah’s favor or imagine giving up the comfort that I so often enjoyed while calling upon His name. For me, the thought of living without Jehovah’s approval was simply unbearable- yes more unbearable than the fiery trials that we face!

True, patiently enduring under painful trials is not at all easy but it is made possible because we have a helper who is definitely mightier and most especially, a helper who is personally interested in assisting us. Meditating on Jehovah’s primary attributes can help us surpass the trials that we face, knowing assuredly that unlike people who often lack loyalty, Jehovah is not a God who abandons His loyal ones in times of difficulty. Concerning Jehovah it is written: “With someone loyal you act in loyalty...” -2 Samuel 22:26

As a “God who supplies endurance and comfort,” we can be sure that Jehovah will not be a mere bystander while we go through difficult times in our lives, most especially if we suffer because of our loyalty to Him. (Romans 15:5) Looking back at God’s dealings with the Israelites, even though most of the time their suffering was a result of their refusal to obey him, in Isaiah 63:19a we will read: “During all their distress it was distressing to him.” Isn’t it very comforting to know that while we go through our struggles Jehovah himself shares our pain, feeling what we feel? And that is all the more assurance that he will do something on our behalf. While we cannot always expect God to instantly remove the cause of our pain, there is no doubt that Jehovah knows when to supply us with the strength and comfort that we need. And based on our family’s experience, He never fails to send us his assistance at the exact time when we need it the most!

Learning from the life of Job, we know that what he went through is far worse than the problems that many of us face today. In fact, don’t we remember him all because of the extreme and unique suffering that he went through? He lost everything and it all happened consecutively. Even just hearing the mere name “Job” might be depressing to the ears because it reminds us of the extreme suffering he endured. But focusing on how Jehovah God acted on his behalf and rewarded Job for maintaining his integrity despite trials, we can learn that we aren’t actually suffering for nothing when we are suffering for righteousness sake. All our efforts and pain are recorded in Jehovah’s book. Not a single effort of ours is wasted. For now we may receive the strength that we need in order to continue serving him but what lies ahead for us if we remain loyal despite extreme trials and injustice, the reward for those who have endured is definitely priceless! In James 5:10,11 we will read: “Brothers, take as a pattern of the suffering of evil and the exercising of patience the prophets who spoke in the name of Jehovah. Look! We consider happy those who have endured. You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome Jehovah gave, that Jehovah is very tender in affection and merciful.” We are all well aware of how God blessed Job by doubling everything that he had before and we know of what wonderful, unique and grand blessings await us in paradise!

 Going back at Joseph’s account once more, it is important to note that Joseph wasn’t rewarded instantly. He patiently endured for about 13 years before God maneuvered the situation so that he can be released out of the prison and exalted him, into a position of great honor and vindicated him from the injustice that he suffered. From being a mere slave, Joseph became the second most powerful man in Egypt! What does that say about God’s generosity in giving his loyal servants reward? Truly we can conclude that: “Jehovah God is a sun and a shield; He gives favor and glory. Jehovah will not hold back anything good from those walking in integrity.” (Psalms 84:11)We can also rightfully conclude that: “The hand of Jehovah is not too short to save, Nor is his ear too dull to hear.” (Isaiah 59:1) It is clear that our cry for help is not unheard and our efforts are certainly not forgotten nor are they in vain. (Hebrews 6:10)

                              Our Personal Experience

“Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he has done for me. I called to him with my mouth and glorified him with my tongue. If I had harbored anything hurtful in my heart, Jehovah would not have heard me. But God did hear; He paid attention to my prayer. Praise to God, who did not reject my prayer or withhold his loyal love from me.” -Psalms 66:16-20

Although it has been the hardest part of our lives so far, our being thrown away and cast out of the congregation has caused us to reap many blessings unbeknownst to many. In our entire existence, my husband and I have never experienced the feeling of closeness to Jehovah as we do now. In the two decades of my suffering as an individual, it is not until we were totally on our own that I finally can say with utmost confidence that Jehovah really is the “hearer of prayer.” Because all throughout these past distressing years, Jehovah God himself has made it evident to me and to my whole family that he not only has heard our cry for help, but that he also cares for us deeply “as individuals.” Indeed, one of the greatest advantages of being put into this unquestionably difficult position of being excluded from the congregation is that because we have no one else but Jehovah, we have learned to fully and wholeheartedly depend on him and in return, he has not let us down and has been a great provider of our needs materially, spiritually and even emotionally. And of course another amazing privilege we have received is the information as regards to what is to happen during the authentic coming of Christ and the end of this system of things. We aren’t going to be in the dark when the 3rd World War begins and when things don’t go according to what the Organization teaches and on top of that, we also have the opportunity to be of help to our brothers and sisters in faith during that coming time of great confusion- all because it is Jehovah himself that answered my prayer and as a result of our remaining loyal to him despite of the injustices that we went through, he had made his covenant known to us. –Psalms 25:14

It has then been clearly evident that those who are made to experience extraordinary situations of injustice and faithfully endure will receive extraordinary blessings. Will we trade all of that with a so called “normal” routine based life in the Kingdom Hall? Certainly not!

The Longing to be Vindicated

What though if we feel the need to supplicate Jehovah to vindicate us from those who oppressed us? It is only normal for those who were denied justice to want to be vindicated; definitely, even I do. And surely, as a lover of justice, that is what God wants to give us as well. But as Christians running in the race for life, we cannot move forward while also looking back. We cannot run in a race hoping to make it to the finish line while waiting for, anticipating our oppressor’s punishment or for justice to be served. That is like running with our heads looking backwards. It will distract us from our goal and no doubt delay or even hinder us from crossing the finish line. A distraction could prove too costly when we start to focus on the negative side of our situation. Soon we may find ourselves held captive by our anger and self-pity and in return we may lose our determination and joy in serving God.

We would also do good to remember that while Jehovah didn’t instantly reward Joseph for enduring the injustices done to him, Jehovah did sustain him and helped him cope with his current circumstances by blessing him, making everything he did successful. The Bible quotes: “But Jehovah continued with Joseph and kept showing loyal love to him and granting him favor in the eyes of the chief officer of the prison. So the chief officer of the prison put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners in the prison, and everything that they were doing there, he was the one having it done. The chief officer of the prison was looking after absolutely nothing that was in Joseph’s care, for Jehovah was with Joseph and Jehovah made whatever he did successful.” (Genesis 39:21-23) In the same manner, God may not altogether remove the source of our suffering or vindicate us right away but we can hold on to knowing that while we go through injustice and pain, Jehovah would sustain us and would give us provisions so that for the meantime we can cope. We should not doubt that there will be real action on God’s part to comfort us and help us through trying times. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Again as a sufferer of injustice for many years, I can attest to that fact. Jehovah’s help has been very clear and undeniable to me and my family, all throughout the years. I can’t stress that point enough.

To be able to patiently endure, it is essential too, to cultivate our trust in Jehovah. For example, do we really believe what the Bible says that Jehovah is a lover of justice and he will punish those who are wicked? (Psalms 37:28, Psalms 37:9-11) Do we really believe that like Joseph, Job and the many other faithful ones, if we maintain our integrity while patiently waiting for Jehovah to take action, he will reward us greatly? (Romans 15:5, James 1:12) If our answer is yes to both questions, why then can’t we leave the matter in Jehovah’s capable hands? Worrying too much or wanting to set matters straight in our own way and time is like assuming that Jehovah doesn’t know what he is doing. Isn’t that in itself a clear display of our lack of trust in him and in his promises? If we, despite of being mistreated and oppressed, demonstrate our unswerving loyalty and faithfulness to him, don’t you think that he will be more compelled to act on our behalf? He definitely will, but not in our time, not in our own terms. Jehovah has his own timetable and there is no reason to doubt that his timing is always perfect!

We aren’t certain when exactly God would vindicate us or what his plans may be. It may take many months or perhaps even many years.  He may want us to accomplish something through our suffering and endurance but because we have a very limited perception of things, we might get impatient and wrongly assume that Jehovah would no longer set matters straight, which we know will never be the case. (Exodus 34:7) But if we really mean the vows we made on the day of our baptism, to faithfully serve Jehovah no matter the circumstance, don’t we ought to have the same conviction that the three young Hebrews had who were willing to be put to death in a fiery furnace, seven times heated, and were willing to remain faithful to Jehovah “whether he saves them or not?” (Daniel 3:16-18) (This point was actually something my 7 year old daughter called to my attention when she heard me saying that I could no longer continue serving Jehovah because it has become too hard for me. It is such a blessing to have a daughter who will openly correct me when necessary while at the same time help me endure.)

May we imitate the faith of these 3 young Hebrews and be determined to continuously serve Jehovah whether he vindicates us now or in the future.

It sounds like a cliché, but again based on our experience, it is actually very true that the sooner we become content with leaving matters in the hands of “the one who judges righteously” Jehovah God, the sooner we can feel relief while focusing on improving our relationship with him and focusing on maintaining our Godly integrity. Because in the end that is all that would matter- who remained faithful to him and not those who didn’t. (1 Peter 2:23)

What we should pray for more than justice and more than for God to intervene on our behalf is that he supply us with more strength and more faith because those two things are what we need to help us get to the finish line and ultimately receive the reward of everlasting life in a world governed with justice and peace.

Let us not allow those who already have done us injustice to steal away even our joy in serving God, our appreciation of his blessings, and most of all our integrity to Jehovah and the great reward that awaits us in paradise. We ought to know that as Christians we will have to go through “many tribulations” and there is no easier way. It is the narrow road that leads to life and if we want to be among those will make it to the new world, we have to remain faithful to God no matter if the persecutions and trials come from non-believers or our own brothers in faith. We should courageously and patiently endure while knowing that we are not at all alone and that we can fully depend on Jehovah’s help and provisions. (Acts 14:22, Matthew 7:13,14, Isaiah46:1)
May we never fail to keep in mind what Jesus Christ has said: “By your endurance you will preserve your lives.” (Luke 21:19)


“Abundant peace belongs to those who love your law; Nothing can make them stumble.”- Psalms 119:165

Regardless of the reward that lies ahead, the primary reason we should serve Jehovah with patience and endurance is because- we love him. And if our love for him is genuine, there shouldn’t be any reason sufficient for us to abandon him; we should serve him both in good times and in bad, knowing that from the very beginning, it is HE, who loved us first. -1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mga Saksi ni Jehova, 24 Oras!

Please note that using google translate or any other type of translation software/application is practically useless in helping any foreign language speaking person understand this essay. Sadly unlike my last essay, this one, apparently was too deep to be translated accurately. I only included this warning to avoid any confusion/misunderstanding because upon trying to read a translated version of this, it appears that the essay was translated awfully, with most of what I wrote, given opposite meaning.

Ang sanaysay na ito ay inilathala bilang sagot sa isang komentong aking natanggap sa isang sanaysay sa blog na ito. Narito ang komento ng mambabasa:

“aaminin ko na na curious ako sa blog na eto.. nalulungkot ako na may mga kapatid na pinili ihiwalay ang sarili sa congregation, i agree mga kapatid wala maaring mag judge sa atin kundi ang diyos na Jehovah lamang, ngunit ang pag layo ba ay makakatulong sa isa na mapanatiling malusog sa espirituwal ang isa? maaring hindi napapansin ng isang indibidwal na baka dahil sa bagay na eto humina ang pananamplataya ng isa, sino ba mga kapatid ang author ng e-watchman?mga tiwalag na kapatid di ba, genuine ba na concern sila sa espitualidad natin or nais din nila maging kabahagi tyo nila na tumalikod sa paglilingkod kay jehovah.? Totoo din na may mga error or pagkakamali ang organisasyon subalit, sapat ba ang dahilan na to para tyo mag alinlanagan at umalis? Maaring sabihin nyo na sino ako para mag comment ng ganito or,maaring mas matagal na kyo sa organisasyon or may naging pribelihyo pa kyo sa loob ing kongregasyon, hwag nyo sanang hayaan mga kapatid na matisod dahil sa pagkakamali ng ilang mga kapatid sa atin ,or dahil naka experinced tyo ng injustice sa loob ng congregation .Sa maniwala kyo o hindi mg kapatid naging gaya din nyo ako dati, huminto ako sa pagdalo nung erli 2001 ng mag work ako sa gitnang silangan ,tapos madalas magsurf sa apostatang mag website gaya nila randy watters,silent lambs, e-watchman. Isang bagay lang natutuhan ko sa halip na mapatibay ako lalo lang humina pananamplatya ko ,at unti unti kong nakita na lahat ng ex jw websites hindi sila pare pareho ng adhikain,sa iisa lang sila nagkakkaisa i critize ang organisasyon ni Jehovah. To make the story short mga kapatid muli akong naglakas loob na dumalo sa pulong at convention kahit atubili ako dahil mahgit isang dekada ako naging inactive,muli nanumbalik ang init at pag -asam kong bumalik sa kongregasyon ,lalo na ng mapanood ko sa jw brodcasting yung part na "Jehovah welcomess you home" i hope sana mapanood nyun mg kapatid naluha ako dahil parang tumama sa akin yun ,sa video na yun pinakita yung mga naging inacative na mga kapatid , na matagal or huminto at nawalan ang kagalakan sa paglilingkod ,ganunpaman handa at bukas ang bayan ni jehovah para tanggapin sila.Pasensya na kung mahaba etong komento ko,pero bilang isang kapatid sana maalala nyo pa rin yung mga masasayang panahon na kapiling nyo ang boung kongregasyon at eto tutulong sa atin upang manumbalik ang sigla natin at takpan ang mga negatibong dulot ng ibang kapatid sa atin.”

Hello po welcome to this blog. Naiintindihan ko na gusto niyo lang pong makatulong at nakaaantig damdamin po ang pagpapakita ninyo ng malasakit at pag-ibig pang kapatid sa amin pero sana malinaw rin sa inyo kung binasa niyo pong mabuti yung aking sanaysay na What You Need to Know About this Blog (na mababasa rin sa Tagalog na bersyon) na ang dahilan po kung bakit kami napilitang umalis ay dahil po sa isa akong child abuse victim na hinahabol at ayaw tantanan ng mga elder na nangabuso sa akin. Hindi namin desisyon na umalis, sadyang wala nalang kaming ibang pagpipilian dahil paulit-ulit na kaming bnablackmail at hinaharass ng mga elder sa nilipatan naming kongregasyon at pati na rin sila ay nadamay sa galit ng mga elder (sa una kong kongregasyon) na nangabuso sa akin. Kahit saan kami lumipat ay ganoon rin ang mangyayari. Hanggat maari ay ayaw nalang naming madamay pa ang ibang mga nananahimik na mga elder dahil sa totoo lang po, ang dami napong mabubuting mga kapatid ang nadisiplina at nawalan ng pribilehiyo. Sa kasawiang palad ay masyadong makapangyarihan at maimpluwensiya ang elder na may galit at nangabuso sa akin. Huwag na huwag niyo po sanang sasabihin na ako ay natisod, na inihiwalay namin ang sarili namin sa kongregasyon o nanlamig kami kasi sa totoo lang malayong malayo po iyon sa katotohanan.

Sa kabila ng paulit ulit na pananakot, panghaharass at trauma na inabot ko sa kamay ng mga elder sa kongregasyong pinagmulan ko, at sa kabila ng pagpili ng Bethel na kampihan at pagtakpan pa nga ang mga ginawa sa akin ng tatlong elder at noon ay nagsisilbi bilang mga Bethelite, ay pinili ko pa rin pong magpatuloy sa paglilingkod sa Diyos at umugnay sa isang bagong kongregasyon kasama ng aking asawa at anak at lubusan naming ibinaba ang aming sarili at nagpasakop at sumunod sa lahat ng hiniling sa amin sa kongregasyong iyon. Sa kabila ng pagbaligtad ng mga kamag-anak kong mga Saksi laban sa akin, pagsasapanganib nila ng buhay ko at ng aking anak sa pagsunod nila sa utos ng isa sa mga elder at pagkampi nila sa 3 elder na nang-abuso sa akin at pagkamkam sa bahay at lupang minana ko sa aking yumaong ina, at sa kabila nang labis labis nilang paninirang puri laban sa akin ay hindi pa rin natinag ang pananampalataya ko kay Jehova. Sa pasimula pa lamang ay naglingkod ako sa aking unang kongregasyon kahit na ako ay napakabata, isang ulila, walang pamasahe, walang disenteng gamit, sa kabila ng magaspang na pagturing ng mga kakongregasyon ko sa akin at pagtanggi ng mga elder na bautismuhan ako nang makailang ulit, hindi po natinag ang pananampalataya ko at di maglaon ay ako po ay nagsilbi bilang ang pinakabatang regular pioneer sa aming kongregasyon sa edad na 15. Hanggang sa umalis ang aking lolo at lola at naganap na nga ang pangaabuso sa akin ng mga elder na sinamantala ang pagigi kong mag-isa sa aming tahanan.

 Alam ko po ang mga panganib na kaakibat ng pagbabasa sa mga website na itinuturing ng Organisasyon bilang "mga apostatang website" isa na doon ang e-watchman subalit ayon na rin sa aking karanasan, ang pagiging tiwalag ng isa sa kongregasyon ay hindi indikasyon na gayon din ang tingin ng Diyos sa taong natiwalag. Ang kaisipan ng Diyos ay tunay ngang ibang iba kaysa sa kaisipan nating mga tao. (Isaias 55:8,9)  Bilang halimbawa ang asawa ko na siyang nagpapatibay sa akin sa espirituwal araw at gabi ay itiniwalag gamit ang bulaang mga saksi at sa kabila ng pagdalo ng mahigit 2 taon ay ayaw siyang ibalik ng mga elder malibang siya ay pumayag na iwanan ako (na labag sa kautusan ng Bibliya yamang kami ay mag-asawa at legal na kasal) at ginigipit siyang pilitin akong iatras ang demandang isinampa ko laban sa mga elder na nangabuso sa akin. Hindi na nakabalik ang asawa ko sa katayuan sa kongregasyon pero sa araw araw na ginawa ng Diyos, nakita ko ang katapatan niya kapwa sa akin at kay Jehova. Nang suriin namin ang background ng awtor ng blog na iyon ay naunawaan namin na hindi siya itiniwalag dahil sa karumihan sa moral o iba pang mabigat na paglabag sa anumang utos ng Bibliya. Sa halip tinanggap niya sa kaniyang sarili ang mabigat na hatol ng pagkatiwalag alang-alang sa magawa niyang ipaglaban ang katotohanan at bilang patiunang hakbang sa paglantad niya sa internet upang tulungan sana ang ibang mga kapatid na mapaghandaan ang mabibigat na mga pagsubok na nakatakdang daanan ng bayan ng Diyos sa hinaharap and sure enough so far po karamihan naman sa mga una niyang mga paliwanag mula sa Bibliya gaya ng pagkakaroon ng Digmaang Pandaigdig 3 at pagbagsak ng pangglobong ekonomiya ay nakikita at naririnig napo natin sa mga balita ngayon which somehow gives him credence na binigyan po siya ng Diyos ng atas na ihayag sa madla ang mga bagay na ipinaunawa sa kaniya.

Mahirap sigurong maintindihan ng iba na hindi dumanas ng kasawiang palad ng katulad ng sa amin na maintindihan na may mga kapatid na kailangang dumanas ng ibang klaseng pag-uusig-  mula mismo sa loob ng Organisasyon. (Mayroon na rin po kaming iba pang personal na mga kakilala na may kaniya kaniyang paghihirap na dinaanan sa kongregasyon) Subalit kung titingnan po natin ay hindi naman kakaiba ang kalagayan namin doon sa mga sinaunang Kristiyano lalu po noong panahon ng panginoong Jesus. Hindi ba ang mga matatandang lalaki, mga punong saserdote at mga eskriba pa ang pinagmulan ng pang-uusig sa panginoong Jesus at sa mga apostol niya? Kasama nga sa mga lalaking may awtoridad na itinuring ako ng may kabagsikan ay isa pa mismong miyembro ng Lupong Tagapamahala ngayon! Personal kong natikman ang kawalan ng pag-ibig at kabagsikan ng brother na iyon nang akin siyang tawagan at personal na puntahan sa Bethel gaya ng napagusapan namin. Humihingi sana ako ng tulong noon o kahit man lang sana proteksiyon mula sa kaniya laban sa mga elder na nagdudulot ng labis labis na takot at panganib sa aking buhay subalit hindi lang siya nagsinungaling at tumanggi, itinuring rin niya ako nang may kalupitan sa harap ng kuya ko at kaibigan nito na parehong hindi mga Saksi. Akala ko nga po ako na ang pinakakawawa. Pero natuklasan namin na ang dami pong mga kabataang mga Saksi ang dumanas rin ng masasaklap na kalagayan sa kamay mismo ng mga inatasang pastol sa kongregasyon.

 Napakaraming mga nagmamalasakit na mga tao ang humihikayat sa akin na lumipat nalang ng relihiyon. Nagtataka sila kung bakit ganito kasama ang pagturing ng mga Saksi sa isang katulad ko at iniisip nilang matutulungan sana nila ako kung magigi akong bahagi ng kanilang simbahan. Isa sa mga nanghikayat sa akin ay ang aking dating abugado na isang napakabuti at kagalang-galang na tao at may mataas na posisyon sa isa sa mga tanyag na  relihiyon sa Pilipinas at ang aking matalik na kaibigan din na may mataas na katungkulan sa INC at iba pang mga kakilala ko subalit paulit-ulit akong tumatanggi. Minsan nga hindi rin nila maintindinhan kung bakit tila sinisiksik ko ang aking sarili sa isang relihiyon na “malinaw namang ayaw sa akin.”  Ang paliwanag ko po lagi ay ito- “si Jehova ang dahilan kung bakit ako naging Saksi at hindi ko siya pupwedeng iwanan.” Kahit na mabasa nila at ng kahit na sino pa mang nakakakilala sa akin ang blogpost na ito ay alam nila na totoo ang sinasabi ko at na isa akong tao na mayroong  matibay na paninindigan kay Jehova, mula pa sa aking pagkabata.

Madalas ko nga pong ikasama ng loob kung bakit ang isa sanang simpleng problema sa pagitan ko at ng mga matatanda sa kongregasyon ay kailangang lumaki ng ganito. Hindi ko pinangarap na isang araw ay malalagay ako sa ganitong kalagayan na kamumuhian at itatakwil ako ng mga kapatid na minahal at tinuring ko bilang mga kaibigan. Bilang isang batang lumaking walang mga magulang, ang kongregasyon sana ang inaasahan kong kakalinga sa akin at doon ko sana mararamdaman na magkaroon ng isang espirituwal na pamilya na binubuo ng mga maiibiging mga indibidwal na nagmamahal sa Diyos subalit malayong malayo ang naging kapalaran ko.

Nakalulungkot kapag iniisip ng iba na ako ang kusang humiwalay sa kongregasyon. Sa totoo lang madalas ko pong idinadaing sa Diyos na Jehova kung bakit kami kailangang maging outcast.. Bata pa lamang ako ay gustong gusto ko na talagang maging isang Saksi ni Jehova- kahit na ayaw ng mga magulang ko at hindi suportado maging ng mga kamag-anak kong mga Saksi. Subalit nagsumikap ako at nagpursige. Umooras ako ng 40-50 oras kada buwan bilang isang di-bautisadong mamamahayag habang isang mag-aaral rin sa paaralan. Mahirap man ang teritoryo na naka-atas sa kongregasyon namin ay minahal ko at lubusang sinuportahan ang ministeryo- matiyagang tiniis ang paminsan minsang kalam ng sikmura at ang madalas na paglitaw ng mahahapding paltos sa paa. Maligaya akong naglilingkod kay Jehova kahit hindi lahat sa kongregasyon ay tanggap ako. Akala ko sapat na ang mga pagsubok at pag-uusig na inabot ko noon bilang bata. Ang pangarap ko, ang tanging pangarap ko lang ay isang araw, mabautismuhan, maging isang Saksi ni Jehova, maglingkod bilang buong panahong mangangaral, magkaroon ng asawang magiging katuwang sa paglilingkod. Iyan po ang ideal na buhay ko. Napakasimple ng pangarap ko sa buhay at itinuon ko na po ang buong kaisipan at buhay ko sa paglilingkod lamang sa Diyos kaya nga po nagawa kong isaisantabi ang pagkakataon kong magkaroon sana ng isang mas magandang buhay sa Amerika at maging ang makapag-aral sa isang mataas na edukasyon sa isang magandang paaralan. Hinding hindi ko po gusto ang sitwasyong kinailangan naming danasin.  Sinasabi ko sa Diyos kung minsan, “I didn’t sign up for this.” Hindi ko po alam na magiging ganito ang kalagayan but I guess somehow I did (sign up for this).  Alam natin bilang mga Saksi na dadaan tayo sa napakaraming kapighatian, hindi ko nga lang po alam na iyon palang pahirapang tulos na nakatakda para sa akin ay kailangang magmula sa loob mismo ng kongregasyon. (Lucas 9:23)

Sana po ay maunawaan ninyo na bilang isa na naabuso at natrauma na nang paulit ulit pamula pa noong aking kabataan, ay mayroon na rin po akong tinatawag na Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, yaong sakit ng mga taong sumabak sa giyera- wala na po kaming choice kundi umalis na sa kongregasyong nilipatan namin sapagkat itinulak nila kami mismo palabas. Madalas ko pong gamitin ang terminong “pushed out” kapag inipinapaliwanag ko kung bakit wala na kami sa kongregasyon ngayon. Sa katunayan ay iyon nga po ang nakalagay sa itaas ng blog page na ito. Walang kaanu-ano ay tinanggalan nila ako ng pribilehiyong magkomento sa mga pulong, sa kabila ng kasunduan namin ng mga elder na nakatakda na sana akong muling magpayunir sa susunod na buwan (January 2013). Unti- unti na rin kaming nilayuan ng mga kapatid at hindi na kinausap, pati na rin ang noo'y 3 taong gulang naming anak ay iniwasan na rin ng mga kaibigan niya matapos na mapatunayan at mairecord namin ang pananakot at pangbblackmail ng mga elder na noon ay nangakong hinding hindi kami pababayaan ni pipilitin man kami na iatras ang demanda. Minahal at pinaglingkuran namin ang kongregasyon na iyon. Naging matulungin kami sa mga kapatid na nangangailangan at naging very supportive sa mga nakatatanda at sa mga aktibidades ng kongregasyon. At kahit na mahirap para sa katulad ko na pinagmalupitan na ng buong lupon ng matatanda sa una kong kongregasyon na magtiwala, ay buong pusong nagtiwala pa rin kami sa mga pangako ng mga elder sa bagong kongregasyon na ito na hindi sila matitinag kahit mawalan sila ng mga pribilehiyo. Subalit nang huli ay inamin rin ng coordinator namin noon na wala siyang magawa sapagkat dadalawa lamang daw sila sa komite na naninindigan para sa amin at ang Bethel raw mismo ang nagbigay ng mga “tagubilin” na ipitin nila kami. Sa madaling salita ay natakot na rin sila.

 Ako po ay may karamdaman na nagpapahirap na sa aking mamuhay nang normal. Ang mga responsibilidad ko lamang bilang isang ina at asawa ay nahihirapan akong magampanang lahat. Kaya naman hindi ko na po makakayanan o magagawa na tiisin pa ang sunod sunod na panggigipit sa amin ng nilipatan naming kongregasyon na iyon at hindi na rin po kami mapapatibay at makikinabang kung paulit ulit lang nila kaming lilitising parang mga pusakal na kriminal tuwing matatapos ang mga pagpupulong, pariringgan sa mga pahayag at hindi na kakausapin ng mga kapatid. Kung tutuusin ano po ba ang kasalanan ko? Bakit ako pa ang nilalayuan, bakit kami pa? Hindi po ba AKO ANG BIKTIMA, ako ang inabuso, ako ang nabaldado at nasiraan ng buhay, ako ang naargabyado dito? At kung galit man sila sa akin bakit naman po kailangang idamay pa pati maliit naming anak? Wala na rin ba siyang karapatang maglingkod sa Diyos? Bakit po ayaw nilang hayaan kami na sambahin si Jehova? Hindi po ba si Jehova ang may-ari sa mga tupa at sa buong Organisasyon?

Para po sa kaalaman ninyo napakaraming ulit napo naming naestablish na maaari pong magdemanda ang isang Saksi kung may legal na basehan para gawin ito, at kung may krimen na nagawa basta huwag lang may kinalaman sa pera. Nasa maraming lathalain po natin iyan ( pakisuyong tingnan ang talababa sa pahina 223 ng aklat na Manatili sa Pag-ibig ng Diyos )  kaya nga nangako ang mga elder sa kongregasyong iyon bago pa man kami opisyal na umugnay sa kanila na gagalangin ang pagpapasiya ko at susuportahan pa nga ako sa demandang isinampa ko laban sa mga elder na nangabuso sa akin. Hanggang sa natakot silang lahat at bandang huli ay ginipit na rin kami. Naaalala ko po kahit na noong bata pa lamang po ako ay ang paliwanang lang naman ng Samahan sa mga tiwali at malulupit na mga elder ay hawak daw po ng panginoong Jesus ang lahat ng mga kongregasyon na parang pitong butuin sa kaniyang mga kamay at itutuwid ang mga pagkakamali ng mga nangunguna at maging ang miyembro nito na gumagawa ng kabalakyutan ay aalisin daw po sa tamang panahon. Subalit nang tahasan kaming ipinagkanulo ng nilipatan naming kongregasyon, naging malinaw po sa akin na hindi iyon ang makatuwirang paliwanag tungkol sa paghawak ng panginoong Jesus sa mga butuin sapagkat pamula noon at hanggang ngayon at sa dinami-dami ng nagrereklamo sa elder na iyon na nagpasimuno ng pang-aabuso sa akin, ay patuloy pa rin siyang tinitingala at niluluwalhati sa kongregasyon. Isa lamang po akong tao, isang kabataang may mabigat nang karamdaman at wasak na puso, matibay man ang pananampalataya ko kay Jehova ay napapagod rin po ako, may mga limitasyon at pinanghihinaan ng loob lalu nang maganap ang pagmamalupit sa amin sa nilipatan naming kongregasyon yamang hindi po maiiwasang magkaroon ako ng maraming mga katanungan sa isip ko at yaong tinatawag na “feeling of uncertainty” o kawalang katiyakan yamang hindi ko na po maunawaan kung paanong ipahihintulot pa ni Jehova na maltratuhin akong muli ng lupon ng mga matatanda, sa ikalawang pagkakataon. Waring hindi ganoon kabigat kapag binasa ninyo, subalit para sa amin na nakaranas at nakaaalam ng lahat ng mga detalye, kapag binabalikan ko po ay maliwanang na maliwanag pa sa akin ang bawat minuto ng gabing labis na sinubok ang pananampalataya ko- ang gabing binigo at ipinagkanulo kami ng mga pastol na iginalang at pinagkatiwalaan namin. Doon na pumapasok ang website na e-watchman.

Hindi naman po ako mapaniwalain o gullible wika-nga kung tawagin sa Ingles. Katunayan marami akong pagdududa nang mga unang panahon kaming nagbasa sa website na iyon. Nakakapanibago ang mga bagay na nababasa namin at minsan parang hindi kami kumbinsido. Subalit talagang ipinanalangin ko po sa Diyos na Jehova na ipaalam sana niya sa akin kung ano ang tunay na magaganap sa panahon ng kawakasan. Sa hindi malamang dahilan ay naging lubha po akong interesado na malaman ang mga bagay bagay may kinalaman sa katapusan ng sistemang ito ng mga bagay at patuloy naman din po kaming nagsusumamo na akayin nawa kami ni Jehova sa tamang landas. Nagresearch po ako nang lubusan at binasa ang karamihan ng mga artikulo na inilathala ng Samahan tungkol sa topic na iyon sa nakalipas na isang dekada, maging ang aklat na Apocalipsis- Ang Kasukdulan Nito! Na inilimbag din po ng Samahan ay muli kong binasa at pinag-aralan subalit wala po akong nasumpungang malinaw na kasagutan sa mga katanungan ko sa halip ay naging kumbinsido pa po ako na marami sa mga nabasa kong itinuro ng Samahan ay hindi tumpak. Nagresearch kami sa internet at maraming bagong mga bagay na natutunan. Totoo po ang sinabi ninyo, ang daming mga ex-JW websites na naglabasan at iba-iba nga talaga ang adhikain nila kung kaya’t lalung nakakalito! Halos karamihan sa kanila ay magdudulot lamang nang higit pang pag-aalinlangan at kawalan ng pananampalataya sa iba. Subalit ang pagsusuri namin taglay ang bukas na isip na may kasamang pagsusumamo sa Diyos na Jehova ang tumulong sa amin na malaman ang tamang direksiyon na dapat naming tahakin. Nang maglaon ay naging malinaw po na ang website na iyon, ang e-watchman ay ang sagot sa panalangin ko.

Bukod pa po sa pagkakaalam sa mga bagay na mangyayari sa hinaharap, higit sa lahat ay napatibay kami dahil sa unang pagkakataon ay naging malinaw sa amin na may paliwanag pala, na may malinaw at makakasulatang dahilan kung bakit ang daming mga pastol, na hindi magiliw na nakikitungo sa kawan at higit sa lahat na may katiyakan po pala na ibinigay ang Diyos na Jehova na itutuwid Niya mismo ang mga bagay bagay at na Siya mismo ang mangangalaga sa Kaniyang mga tupa. Dito nga po iyon mababasa sa sanaysay na ito batay sa Ezekiel kabanata 34 na aking isinalin mula sa website na iyon:  Sa Aba ng mga Pastol na Naging Tagapagpakain ng Kanilang Sarili  Tingnan niyo nalamang po ang mga ulat at balita ng dami ng bilang ng mga batang naabuso sa mga kongregasyon at nakakagulat pong matuklasan na napakarami po palang mga batang naging biktima ng kawalang katarungan sa mismong espirituwal na paraiso kung tawagin at sa kamay pa mismo ng mga dapat sana’y maiibiging pastol ng Diyos! Nariyan po ang balita tungkol sa Australian Royal Commission kung saan ang Samahan ay dumanas ng katakot-takot na kahihiyan at ang iba pang libu-libong mga indibidwal na mga kaso ng pangaabuso sa bata kung saan mga miyembro ng kongregasyon, mga elder o ang mismong Organisasyon pa po ang nakahabla. Bukod diyan ang dami rin pong mga balo, mga matatanda, mahihirap at may mga mabibigat na karamdamang mga kapatid natin ang hindi inaaasikaso sa mga kongregasyon. Isa na po diyan si sister Carol na akin pong i-fineature sa blog na ito. Dito po mababasa ninyo ang kaniyang istorya: Mga Saksi ni Jehova, Nasaan ang Inyong Pag-ibig Pangkapatid? Napakalungkot po at pumanaw siyang hindi man lamang nadama ang pagkalinga o pagmamalasakit ng kongregasyon.  Sa madaling salita, napatibay po kami ng website na iyon at naging malinaw sa amin sa aming pgreresearch na ang layunin ng awtor niyaon noong una, ay ipagbangong puri at ipagtanggol ang pangalan ni Jehova at ang paniniwala nating mga Saksi at hindi sa paanong paraan niya pinahihina ang espirituwalidad ng iba kundi pinatitibay pa nga niya ito sa pagsisilbili niya bilang isang pastol para sa mga lubusang naapi at mayroong mga kakaibang kalagayan tulad ng mga nabanggit. Ngunit kung nabasa niyo po yung huli kong blog post ay nagbabala rin po ako tungkol sa website na iyon (na kumakapit sa iba pang katulad na mga website) sapagkat nakalulungkot na maging iyon ay hindi naging ligtas mula sa mga ahente ng Diyablo at ngayon ay maaring magsapanganib pa sa espirituwalidad ng iba, tulad ng kalagayang kinaharap ko ilang buwan na ang nakalipas. But that is not to say na hindi ko na pinaniniwalaan o pinaninindigan ang mga bagay na inilagay ko sa blog na ito tungkol doon. Naniniwala pa rin kami na ginamit ng maibiging Diyos na Jehova ang website na iyon para tulungan ang ibang mga kapatid na katulad namin sa loob ng mahigit isang dekada subalit, yamang di sakdal na tao pa rin ang awtor at mga nakikibahagi sa website na iyon, hindi naging ligtas ang website mula sa kontaminasyon. Sobrang makadurog pananampalataya ang kawalang katarungang inabot namin nitong nakaraang taon, espesipiko na ang dinaanan ko na mas matindi pa sa kawalang katarungang inabot ko sa 2 naming nakalipas na mga kongregasyon pero iniisip nalang naming mag-asawa na kung papaanong ang Samahan ay maraming mabubuting naituro sa atin sa kabila ng mga pagkakamali nila, natutuhan nalang din namin na tanggapin ang mabuti at itakwil ang masama. Natulungan kami ng website na iyon noon na malaman ang mga bagay na kailangan naming malaman, subalit hanggang doon na lamang iyon. Para sa amin eh naisagawa na niyaon ang layunin nito. Tiyak na kung iba ang dumanas ng dinanas namin nitong nakaraan ay maaaring mawalan na nga sila ng pananampalataya nang tuluyan. Iniisip sana namin na mayroon pang lugar na mapupuntahan ang mga katulad kong dinurog at hindi pinagpakitaan ng lingap sa loob ng Organisasyon, subalit wala na rin pala.

Sa huli, isang matingkad na patunay ang nangyari sa amin kung papaanong si Jehova lamang talaga ang tunay nating makakapitan at maasahan sapagkat gaya nga po ng sinabi ng matapat na si Elihu tungkol sa Diyos na Jehova: “Malayong gumawi nang may kabalakyutan ang tunay na Diyos, at na gumawi nang di-makatarungan ang Makapangyarihan-sa-lahat!” Ang tao gaano man kabuti ang hangarin sa simula ay mayroon pa ring tendensiya na magkamali o maging lubusang balakyot pa nga lalu kapag sila ay naakit ng sarili nilang mga pagnanasa o nabulag ng kanilang kapalaluan. (Santiago 1:14)

Nakalulungkot na ang mga naturingang mga pastol ng kawan ng Diyos  sa halip na magdulot sana ng kaaliwan at kaginhawan sa mga tupa ni Jehova, sa maraming pagkakataon ay sila pa mismo ang nagdudulot ng pasakit, kawalang katarungan at pagkatisod pa nga sa kanila. Pakisuyong basahin ang Jeremias 5:26-31

Subalit sa kabila ng lahat 
ng ito kahit malinaw na wala na kaming ibang mapupuntahan kung saan tiwasay naming maaaring sambahin si Jehova at kung saan makatatanggap kami ng espirituwal na pampatibay, kami ng aking asawa at anak ay buong puso pa ring naglilingkod at nagtitiwala kay Jehova at hindi naman niya kami binibigo. Nararamdaman namin araw araw ang pag-alalay at paglalaan Niya. Tunay nga ang sinabi ng teksto sa Awit 37:28:  “For Jehovah loves justice, And he will not abandon his loyal ones. They will always be guarded...” Mabanggit ko lang din po, na sa nakalipas na apat na taon na wala kami sa kongregasyon ay hindi po kami huminto sa pagiging mga Saksi ni Jehova, 24 oras po iyan. Pinagpala ng Diyos na Jehova ang aming pagsisikap bilang isang pamilya anupat sa nakalipas na mga memoryal ay sunod sunod po kaming nakapagpadalo ng hindi bababa sa 3 mga indibidwal sa Kingdomhall at nasamahan pa nga namin ang isang buong pamilya upang makapagtour sa Bethel. Bukod po diyan ay patuloy kaming nangangaral at nagbibigay ng ating mga lathalain at mga publikasyon sa mga taong nakikilala namin at nakapagpapatotoo maging sa internet. Hindi mabilang na oras na po ang ginugol namin sa pangangaral- at ginagawa namin ito gamit ang sarili naming salapi at kahit na wala kaming natatanggap na anumang papuri o pagkilala mula sa sinuman lalu na at hindi naman po namin inirereport ang oras namin sa paglilingkod. 4 na taon po kami bilang isang pamilya na nakapagpanatili ng aming katapatan sa moral at sa espirituwal, na nakapanatiling hindi bahagi ng sanlibutan, na tinatanggihan ang mga di makakasulatang kasiyahan at okasyon tulad ng mga birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentines at ang lahat ng iba pang mga katulad na pagdiriwang sa tulong lamang po ng Diyos na Jehova. Marami rin pong mga oportunidad sa mundong ito may kinalaman sa trabaho, libangan at karera ang patuloy naming tinatanggihan dahil sa aming sinanay na mga budhi. Tunay ngang kami ay hindi huminto sa pagiging mga lingkod ni Jehova kahit na hindi kami tinatanggap sa kongregasyon at kahit na walang nakakakita ng ginagawa namin. Sa totoo lang para sa mga katulad namin na nawalan na ng lahat ng mga kaibigan at mga kakilala namin mula pa nang aming kabataan ay mahirap po na tanggihan rin pati yaong mangilanngilan nalang sanang oportuninad na mayroon kami para makipagsalamuhaan sa iba. Maging ang maliit naming anak ay mariing tumangging makibahagi sa lahat ng mga akitibidades at kasiyahan nila sa paaralan at mariing tumatangging magpaunlak sa mga di-makakasulatang mga pagdiriwang. Kumbaga eh wala na kami nung tinatawag na “social life”. Papaano sabi ko nga po ayaw na nila sa amin sa loob (ng kongregasyon), pero hindi naman kami pwedeng makipagsaya sa labas (sanlibutan), saan kaya kami lulugar? Pinipili naming magpakabulok na lamang sa bahay kaysa sa magkasala laban kay Jehova.

Sa kasalukuyan po ay nakakadalo kami ng mga pagpupulong sa ibang mga kongregasyon kung saan hindi kami kilala, alang-alang na din po sa anak naming mahal na mahal si Jehova at gustong matuto tungkol sa Kaniya. Hindi nga lang namin alam kung hanggang kailan namin magagawa ito yamang kami ay itinuturing bilang mga “public enemy” o kalaban ng Organisasyon dahil sa pagdedemanda ko sa 3 elder na nangabuso at nagsapanganib ng aking buhay. Kung ano man ang maging kalagayan, muli man kaming itulak palabas at pagsarhan ng mga pintuan ng Kingdomhall, nariyan naman po ang Diyos na Jehova na hindi naman maigsi ang mga kamay. Siya naman mismo ang nagalalaan at umalalay sa amin sa nakalipas na mga taon. He has sustained us this far, we know He won’t leave us now. (Hebreo 13:5) Kung anuman ang ipahintulot Niya may kinalaman sa kalagayan namin sa espirituwal ay alam naming malalampasan namin at makakayanan sa tulong rin Niya gaya ng nagawa na namin sa nagdaang mga taon.

Mapalad yaong mga maluwag na tinatanggap bilang bahagi ng kongregasyon. Nariyan ang maligayang pakikipagsamahan sa mga kapatid, nariyan ang mga nakapagpapatibay na mga komento, mga masasarap na kuwentuhan kasama ng mga kapatid, ang pribilehiyo ng pakikibahagi sa larangan subalit, hindi ganoon ang kalagayan namin at kung binasa niyo po ang blogpost kung saan kayo nag-iwan ng komento ay makikita niyo rin po na hindi ko po inirerekomenda sa iba na huminto sa pagdalo sa mga pagpupulong, kundi pinatitibay ko pa nga po silang magpatuloy sa pagdalo.

Sana po ay naging malinaw na ngayon sa inyo ang aming mga paninindigan at katayuan. Mayroon din po akong patapos pa lamang na sanaysay na binuo ko po upang lalu pang patibayin yaong mga may kalagayang katulad ng sa amin, na patuloy na paglingkuran ang Diyos na Jehova at magtiis sa ilalim ng mahihirap na mga kalagayan. Doon po ay mas magiging maliwanag pa po sa inyo ang layunin ng blog na ito.